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Student educators and leaders making a difference at Fisher and beyond.

The EcoReps program at St. John Fisher University is a peer-education and leadership program that focuses on campus sustainability, with the mission of increasing the environmental literacy of students, faculty, and staff. 

Through peer education, EcoReps help reduce Fisher's environmental impact, provide the tools to lead a more sustainable life, and develop a stronger sustainability-minded campus culture.

By serving as EcoReps, students 

  • gain valuable leadership and management skills
  • acquire event planning and outreach skills
  • gain a deeper knowledge of sustainability in action
  • make a positive impact on our campus and the community

Students in the program are required to participate in a community-engagement experience each semester, allowing them to make a positive impact off-campus as well. EcoReps are led by EcoMentors, upper-level students who execute meetings, generate learning topics, and provide guidance to EcoReps, while also being a liaison for the Center for Sustainability.

To find out more about the EcoReps program, contact Mike Boller at