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A Sustainable and Healthy Campus Environment

Just as human actions can have direct impacts on the environment, our surroundings can also affect our well-being.

A Sustainable Campus Experience

St. John Fisher University and the Center for Sustainability support conscientious planning, programming, and purchasing to promote a safe, sustainable, and healthy campus experience.

Campus Green Space

An aerial view of Fisher's Campus and green space.

We are dedicated to preserving and improving our existing greenspace on campus for the enjoyment and benefit of students, staff, and visitors alike. The result is a campus that is not only beautiful but also healthy and safe.

  • Our park-like campus is maintained by a skilled grounds staff that ensure our trees and flowers remain healthy and vibrant. 
  • A comprehensive tree management program features a 1-for-1 tree replacement.
  • Integrated pest management minimizes the use of conventional chemicals, eliminates the over-application of pesticides, and protects our plantings from pests and disease.

The Power of Purchasing

Students in the dining hall at Fisher.

The Center for Sustainability works in collaboration with the University’s Purchasing Office to develop a program that vets potential product purchases, from office supplies to furniture, using environmental and social sustainability criteria. 

Fisher Dining Services has teamed with the Headwater Food Hub, incorporating fresh, local food into their already impressive offerings. Students and staff benefit from delicious, thoughtfully grown foods, transportation costs are reduced through this regional sourcing, and local farmers are supported.

Healthy U

The Center for Sustainability works with Fisher’s employee health committee, Healthy U. to encourage employees to make positive choices regarding health and sustainability, with the goal of creating a culture of total wellness. Healthy U provides walking maps that take advantage of Fisher’s green spaces, promotes active transportation options, and supports Fisher’s transition to a tobacco and vape-free campus.

Living wall at Fisher.

Biophilic Design 

The Integrated Sciences and Health Sciences Building (ISHS) also features a living plant wall, established to improve indoor air quality, enhance student and faculty performance, and provide additional educational opportunities for students in Biology and Sustainability courses.