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Online Master of Public Health
  • Credit hours req’d: 42
  • Months to Completion: 18
  • Fisher family:1

Online Master of Public Health (MPH)

The online MPH program prepares you for a career as a public health professional working to improve health care planning, delivery, assessment, and outcomes.

Dr. Gipson leads an experiential learning activity. Online MPH students have the opportunity to participate in community-based learning opportunities.

Dr. Gipson leads an experiential learning activity. Online MPH students have the opportunity to participate in community-based learning opportunities.

You will gain experience that relates directly to current public health challenges including primary care, nutrition, mental health, and substance abuse.

Public health professionals and practitioners work to improve health outcomes for individuals and communities. Develop skills to:

  • Assess and address complex public health issues.
  • Develop and evaluate population health interventions.
  • Conduct public health research to advance scientific knowledge.
  • Advocate for improved health care policies and delivery systems.
  • Apply culturally sensitive strategies to address health disparities among diverse populations.
  • Use health information technology and data analytics to address public health concerns.
  • Improve population-level health by applying interdisciplinary theories and concepts.
  • Plan and implement programs to improve public health outcomes at the regional, national, and international levels.

Program Overview

Through coursework, you will learn about real-world situations and challenges in public health today. Supportive faculty experienced in the fields of health care, policy, and leadership can help you become an effective public health professional in the fields of community health, medical services, or health education.

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Receive an overview of Fisher's fully online MPH program from Dr. Heather McGrane Minton, assistant professor and program chair.

Learn about prerequisites and program requirements, and get your questions answered.

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Public Health Career Outlook

Since 2020, the pandemic has resulted in steady demand for public health professionals in the United States. While academic positions have decreased, new opportunities for public health graduates have arisen in government, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries as communities and businesses respond to the ongoing crisis. Due to continuing vaccine and treatment development, employment opportunities in clinical research have grown substantially from the pre-COVID era. Additionally, new leadership positions in various industries provide another option for graduates with management training or experience. 

For a detailed analysis of recent changes in the public health field, read the special report "A Comparison of Workforce Taxonomies with Job Postings Before and During the COVID‐19 Pandemic" in The International Journal of Health Planning and Management.

Life After Fisher

You'll be prepared for meaningful employment for careers in the public health arena including:

  • Health department official
  • Hospital or clinic health administrator
  • Public affairs officer for a health department, hospital, or clinic
  • Health policy analyst for public or private agencies
  • Health trends analyst for a health insurance company

 Fisher emphasized the importance of service, which led me to my medical mission trips and local community service efforts, increasing my awareness of health care disparities and public health. ”

Joy Snyder