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Mathematics Screening Test for Nursing Clinical Year Applicants

Completion of the Mathematics Screening Test is a requirement for admission to the clinical year program.

The purpose of the Mathematics Screening Test (also called the Nursing Math Skills Assessment) is to ensure that your math skills will not present a barrier to your success in the program.

About the Mathematics Screening Test

Taking the Test

The Mathematics Screening Test contains 25 multiple-choice questions. You will be provided with a standard four-function calculator to use. You have one hour (60 minutes) to complete the test. Academic accommodations (ex. extended time for test completion) may be used with the proper documentation.

If you are a current Fisher student, details about when and where to take the test will be provided during your freshman and sophomore seminar classes.

If you are a transfer student, contact your transfer admissions representative for details and a schedule for taking the test.

Passing the Test

You must score above 84% (21 out of 25 questions correct) to pass the test. You may take the test twice. If you do not pass the first time, we strongly recommend that you consult with a tutor to review the problems that you missed before attempting the test again.

Reviewing for the Test

Prior to taking the test, we encourage you to use the following resources to study.