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Pre-Engineering Program

The pre-engineering program is designed to prepare students for careers in engineering and applied science.

Through an engineering program agreement, students spend three years at Fisher, followed by two years at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. A student's studies might take more than two years depending on the engineering tract they decide to pursue.

Further details are available from the director of admissions of the affiliated school and the pre-engineering advisor.

Pre-Engineering Option: 3+2 Program

A student selects a non-engineering major at Fisher and completes a minimum of 90 credit hours in the liberal arts, mathematics, science, and pre-engineering. The student then transfers to the affiliated engineering school and completes a minimum of 60 credit hours. Upon successful completion of the five-year program, the student is awarded baccalaureate degrees from the engineering institution and from St. John Fisher University.

By combining a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences with a degree in engineering, graduates maximize employment opportunities and flexibility within their chosen field. The major area of study at Fisher provides yet another option for graduate study and career opportunities.


In most schools, acceptance by the college or university does not guarantee acceptance into its school of engineering. A separate application is sometimes necessary after satisfactory completion of a certain core of courses. A similar relationship exists between St. John Fisher University and its affiliated engineering school. In the academic year prior to transferring, students must apply to the engineering school(s) of their choice. Admission to our affiliated engineering school is not automatic, but depends on the completion of certain courses and the student's academic achievement. Favorable recommendations from the pre-engineering advisor will be forwarded for highly motivated students with satisfactory academic achievement.

Pre-Engineering Core Requirements

The following courses constitute a core that must be completed by all pre-engineering students:

  • CHEM 103C, 103L, 104C, and 104L
  • MATH 120C, 122C, 221C, and 222
  • PHYS 141, 142, and 211

Additional courses may be required for specific engineering programs and our affiliated institution may also require additional courses. Contact the pre-engineering advisor for further details.