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Dollinger Honored by American Nurses Association

November 20, 2018

Dr. Marilyn Dollinger, professor and executive associate dean in the Wegmans School of Nursing, was given the Policy and Service Award by the New York chapter of the American Nurses Association. She was formally honored during the Association’s annual meeting held in Albany, New York, on Friday, Oct. 19.

Marilyn Dollinger

The Policy and Service Award recognizes a nurse who has made significant contributions in the policy, legislative, and/or nursing service sectors of the profession and has contributed in these realms beyond their own practice to advocate within the policy and/or service arenas to bring change to nursing and the health care system.

Described as being skillful and masterful in politics and the political process, the Association praised Dollinger for her acumen in helping to achieve the passage of the B.S. in 10 legislation and her work at the national level as a member of the ANA-PAC.

The Association also recognized her work showing undergraduate and graduate nursing students how the political process can be used to advance the nursing profession’s agenda regarding education for its practitioners and on practice issues impacting patients, communities, and the environment.

In May 2018, Dollinger was appointed to the New York State Nursing Program Evaluation Committee. In 2017, ANA-NY presented her with a Certificate of Appreciation for her contributions as chair of the Legislative Committee and for her active role in promoting social advocacy and the B.S. in 10 Initiative.