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Fisher Celebrates Employee Service Milestones

November 2, 2018

St. John Fisher College faculty and staff were recently recognized for milestone years of service during the annual Service Awards Ceremony.

Employees with 35 years of service were recognized at an annual luncheon.

Three members of the campus community—Terri Bagshaw, Munawar Karim, and William Waddell—marked 35 years of service at Fisher. Jim Bowers marked 30 years. Ninety-one faculty and staff celebrated milestone years, and together, employees recognized during the ceremony have given more than 1,000 years of service to the College.

Full List of Honorees:

35 Years of Service (pictured above with President Rooney): Terri Bagshaw (Registrar’s Office); Munawar Karim (School of Arts and Sciences); and William Waddell (School of Arts and Sciences)

30 Years of Service: James Bowers (School of Arts and Sciences)

Employees with 25 years of service were recognized at an annual luncheon.

25 Years of Service: Robert Brimlow (School of Arts and Sciences), Sharon Delmendo (School of Arts and Sciences), Edmund Kaszuba (Facilities Services), Mary Powley (Business Office), and John Scott (Facilities Services)

Employees with 20 years of service were recognized at an annual luncheon.

20 Years of Service: Jennifer Granger (Athletics), Edmond Kushi (Facilities Services), Maherly Schaeffer (Marketing and Communications), and Carol Ziegler (Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education)

Employees with 15 years of service were recognized at an annual luncheon.

15 Years of Service: Kathleen Coffey (OIT), Dianne Cooney Miner (Wegmans School of Nursing), Oliver Griffin (School of Arts and Sciences), Christopher Keffer (Center for Career and Academic Planning), Barbara Rockell (School of Arts and Sciences), Jean Skuse (Center for Career and Academic Planning), Michael Stalker (Facilities Services), and Lynn Wernert (Facilities Services)

Employees with 10 years of service were recognized at an annual luncheon.

10 Years of Service: Lisa Avery (Wegmans School of Pharmacy), Jennifer Bigenwald (Lavery Library), Michael Boller (School of Arts and Sciences), Kimberly Chichester (School of Arts and Sciences), Christine Collins (School of Arts and Sciences), Michele D’Agostino (Safety and Security), Kathleen Dever (Wegmans School of Nursing), Diana Driscoll (Freshman Admissions), Jeffery Fredericks (OIT), Mona Gandhi (Wegmans School of Pharmacy), Jennifer Gantress-Green (School of Arts and Sciences), Monica Gebhardt (Registrar’s Office), James Gillette (Facilities Services), Maryann Herman (School of Arts and Sciences), David Hutchinson (Wegmans School of Pharmacy), Jay Jermyn (OIT), Jill Lavigne (Wegmans School of Pharmacy), Eugene Lazurenko (OIT), Virginia Maier (School of Arts and Sciences), John Maloney (Safety and Security), Joellen Maples (Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education), Pamela Mapstone (Wegmans School of Nursing), Matthew Miller (OIT), Guillermo Montes (Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education), Rebecca Ognenovski (Early Learning Center), Elizabeth Phillips (Wegmans School of Pharmacy), Catrina Pomerleau (OIT), Tara Preteroti (HEOP), Michelle Price (Lavery Library), Loretta Pringle (Facilities Services), Suzanne Roscoe (Freshman Admissions), Colin Seddon (Safety and Security), Stacy Slocum (OIT), Todd Sodano (School of Arts and Sciences), Philip Sudore (OIT), Ryan Thibodeau (School of Arts and Sciences), Laurie Thomsen (OIT), Derick Wigle (Residential Life), and Eryn Yates (Marketing and Communications)

Employees with five years of service were recognized at an annual luncheon.

5 Years of Service: Kylene Abraham (Wegmans School of Nursing), Nabila Ahmed-Sarwar (Wegmans School of Pharmacy), Cara Angie (School of Arts and Sciences), Amanda Burns (School of Business), Kevin Callahan (School of Arts and Sciences), Carolina Casella (School of Arts and Sciences), Azem Cehaja (Facilities Services), Shannon Cleverley-Thompson (Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education), Lee Cocco (Health and Wellness Center), Christopher Collins (School of Arts and Sciences), Caroline Critchlow (Wegmans School of Nursing), Jessica Decker (Freshman Admissions), David DiCaro (Safety and Security), Colleen Donegan (Wegmans School of Nursing), Robert Dunbar (School of Arts and Sciences), Jonathan Falanga (School of Arts and Sciences), Jeannine Fisher (Facilities Services), Brock Glann (Safety and Security), Christina Hillman (Lavery Library), Daniel Kinsman (OIT), Randall Krieg (School of Arts and Sciences), Hugh Lambert (School of Business), Bari Mance (Athletics), Kobi Nathan (Wegmans School of Pharmacy), David Nau (OIT), Ben Niu (School of Arts and Sciences), Nahyr Rovira-Figueroa (School of Arts and Sciences), Wendi Sierra (School of Arts and Sciences), Jebaroja Singh (School of Arts and Sciences), Bounmy Vilaysak (Facilities Services), Julie Vilinsky (Wegmans School of Nursing), and Teresa Weiner (Safety and Security)

The awards ceremony, held on Thursday, Nov. 1, featured remarks from President Gerard Rooney, who offered special congratulations to the employees.