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Spring (Registration) is in the Air – What’s New?

November 2, 2018

Course registration for the spring 2019 semester will take place the week of Nov. 12-16 and students may notice several new additions to the process that have been implemented to create an academic plan and make the registration process a bit more smooth.

Plan Ahead with the Full Year Calendar – Now Available

In addition to spring 2019 courses, students can now see the course offerings for summer and fall 2019 as well, including those courses that will be offered online.

When students meet with advisors, they’ll be able to plan out their academic pathways, selecting courses that fit their requirements this semester and into the future.

“These changes will give students a huge advantage, as they can use the future calendars to make the best choices for their schedules,” said Dr. Clair Smith, who was a member of the committee who helped usher in the new changes.

Academic Pathways

Students will also be able to take advantage of a new tool to plan out their academic pathways for their four years of study at Fisher. Working with advisors, the pathways serve as a degree map to plot out courses and ensure on-time graduation.

Waitlist 2.0

This fall, Fisher also revamped its waitlist policy. The waitlist is an electronic roster of students who are waiting to register for a full class. Students may sign up for this when they attempt to register for a section that has reached its capacity. Please note: not all courses have waitlists.

Department chairs will manage the waitlists, and have the ability to prioritize students based on class standing, or the number of credits earned, to help upperclassmen obtain the courses they need first.  Students can see their position on the waitlist in Fish‘R’Net. 

If a registered student in a full section drops the course, the vacated spot is offered automatically to the first person on the waitlist who will be notified by email. The offer is valid for 24 hours. If the offer is not accepted during that period, the seat is offered automatically to the next person on the waitlist. If a student fails to register during the 24-hour period, they may add themselves again to the end of the waitlist.

The waitlist will stay in effect until the end of the online add period for the class. A student on a waitlist may attend the waitlisted course, only if seating is available and with the instructor’s permission. If the student no longer wishes to remain on the waitlist, they should drop the course using Fish‘R’Net.

As chair of the Economics Department, Smith said the changes to the waitlist will benefit both students and faculty.

“The new process gives students a way to enroll in preferable course sections without having to constantly check Fish‘R’Net,” he said. “And, the department chairs can collect information, including which course offerings generate long waitlists that will help us plan future semesters more efficiently.”

For questions about registration, call the Registrar’s Office at (585) 385-8015 or email