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Fisher Athletic Trainer’s Life-Saving Efforts Honored by Local Emergency Agencies

December 4, 2019

On Tuesday, Dec. 3, Brighton and Pittsford emergency personnel honored St. John Fisher College Athletics Trainer Jim Grant for his life-saving actions taken during a football game this fall.

From left to right: President Rooney, Jim Grant, Aaron Hiller, Ted Aroesty, and Jon Smith.

While on duty at a Fisher football game at Hartwick College on October 19, Grant witnessed a referee collapse on the field. Recognizing that the referee was in cardiac arrest, he immediately responded and began performing CPR. As he attached an AED device, he realized it was not working and continued CPR while determining the cause of the AED failure.

Grant was able to resolve the failure and attached the device to the patient. He administered the shock and continued CPR. The patient was revived, transported to the hospital awake and alert by first responders, and following surgery, was released with full capacities several days later.

A short commendation presentation, led by Ted G. Aroesty, executive director, Brighton Fire District; Aaron Hiller, fire chief, Brighton Fire District; and Jon Smith, director, Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance, recognized Grant for his heroic efforts.

“It’s not just the desire to act, but the ability to act, and that’s what Jim did and that’s what makes this so special. It’s a true testament to his character,” said Hiller, as he presented Grant with a Life Saving Award. “This is the holiday season, and thanks to Jim, the referee has more holidays with his family. That’s something to be celebrated.”

Smith echoed Hiller’s remarks.

“I’m proud to know that in the community where I work, there is someone like you that I can count as a partner to the fire department, ambulance, College, and community as a whole,” Smith said. “You did exceptional work.”