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All in the Family: Five Sets of Siblings Call the Wegmans School of Pharmacy Home

February 1, 2018

The term “Fisher family” is a common one around campus and among Fisher alumni, but it takes on new meaning inside the walls of the Wegmans School of Pharmacy. In this year’s first-year class, there are five students who have older siblings also enrolled in the program or are recent graduates of the School. That’s the case for brothers Jerry and Justin Kuriyilel.

Justin Kuriyilel (left) and Jerry Kuriyilel (right).

“I feel proud that he’s working toward becoming a pharmacist as I am,” said Jerry, a fourth-year student. As the “big brother,” Jerry was encouraging and helpful to Justin as he decided between medical school and pharmacy school.

“Regardless of what profession I chose, my main goal was to give back to the community through medical assistance and after putting much thought into it, I realized a career in pharmacy was the right choice for me,” said Justin, now in his first-year at the School.

The younger Kuriyilel said it helped tremendously that his older brother had already gone through the journey three years earlier.

“My brother repeatedly stated that coming to the Wegmans School of Pharmacy was the right choice for him and knowing we have similar personalities and goals, I knew it would end up being the right fit for me too,” Justin explained.

Both brothers joked that having a sibling around can be an interesting experience. With similar names and features, they’ve noticed that sometimes faculty members switch up their names or may double check to ensure that they know which brother they are speaking with.

And, while it can be a bit odd having each other around, Jerry said he is happy they’ve found a home at an institution that prides itself on quality education and a caring attitude.

Other siblings who call the School of Pharmacy home include: Yasmin Zahid '21 and Bismah Zahid '13; An Vu '21 and Uyen Vu '19; Sumyya Wase '21 and Rabia Wase '20; and James Cutaia '21 and twins Charles Cutaia '14 and Chelsea Cutaia '14.