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Six Questions with SAA

March 13, 2018

Fisher’s newest student club has been taking alumni events by storm. The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a group of student leaders who represent the College at alumni events and programs.

Anna Harmer, Darienne Slocum, Kaylee Gassner, Jacob Mauer

The idea for the club came as Kristina Abbey ’08, assistant director of alumni relations and annual giving, would chat with alumni during events. “Alumni always want to meet today’s students—and students come with a special enthusiasm and energy,” says Abbey. “Likewise, students love meeting alumni and making connections. Welcoming student leaders to alumni events seemed to make sense. It’s mutually beneficial.”

If you were at SAA’s first major event, Alumni Weekend, you were sure to have seen one of the army of Cardinal red polos. And because you’ll be seeing more of them at alumni events, we thought you should get to know a little bit about the people wearing them. We sat down with the executive board members Anna Harmer ’18, Darienne Slocum ’19, Kaylee Gassner ’18, and Jacob Mauer ’20 (pictured above from left to right) and asked them a few questions.

What excites you most about SAA?

Harmer: Giving current students the opportunity to connect with alumni. Alumni are one of the biggest resources we have and I want to help students build relationships with them.

Do you hope to have a “signature event” for SAA?

Mauer: I think we’ll make our mark with Philanthropy Week. This isn’t a new event, but we hope to really take it to the next level in its third year.

Is there something you can’t believe you didn’t know before SAA?

Slocum: It really takes a village to raise a college [laughs]! In all seriousness, I never knew how much, beyond tuition, goes in to giving us these great experiences.

Gassner: Same here! Fisher is fantastic, and now I have a better understanding of why. We have a lot of people—alumni, friends, parents—giving their time and their money to ensure Fisher is great.

Best SAA Moment Yet:

Harmer: Our first big event was Alumni Weekend. We played a lot of roles like helping behind the scenes, helping alumni find where they were going, etc. We all met a lot of great people, but Nate (Halsteter, an SAA member), really made a connection with one of the alumni. Nate’s a biology major, and he ended up chatting with Dr. Jerry Vasile, a biology graduate from 1967 who had just been inducted into the Science and Technology Alumni Hall of Fame. They just hit it off. They even took a picture together. This is really what SAA is all about!

What’s SAA’s theme song?

Slocum: “Good Old Days” by Macklemore and Kesha.

Gassner: “I’ll Be There for You,” the theme song from Friends.

Who should play your role in “SAA: The Movie?”

Harmer: Kristen Bell

Mauer: Liam Hemsworth

Slocum: Margot Robbie

Gassner: Anna Kendrick