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Fisher Sport Research Earns Attention

June 20, 2018

Academic research produced in the Sport Management Department has created several headlines this spring.

Emily Dane-Staples

Her article, “Update in Attitudes Towards Wage Equality in Gendered Professions,” explored perceptions of wage equality across gender for eight different professions, including coaching positions and that of a professional athlete.

A March article on Yahoo! Lifestyle, “Trevone Boykin isn’t the first NFL player accused of domestic violence — and he probably won’t be the last” cited a 2015 study conducted by then-undergraduate Danielle M. Falck.

The study, “Criminal Minds: The Relationship between Sport and Off Field Violence,” was completed under the guidance of Dr. Katharine Burakowski and explored correlations between professional sports and off-field player-involved incidents of crime involving bodily harm.