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#Fisher2019: Propelling to New Places

June 3, 2019

Newly minted St. John Fisher College alumna Chloe Hooper ’19 has big plans now that she has earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice.

Chloe Hooper with Dr. Barb Rockell

Under the tutelage of Dr. Barbara Rockell, chair of the Criminology and Criminal Justice Department, she plans to pursue a doctoral degree in criminal justice. The advanced education will help Hooper achieve her goals of either joining the FBI or finding work as a forensic psychologist.

“Dr. Rockell completely changed my life,” she says. “She recognized something in the quiet girl who had always fallen under the radar before. She pushed me to be my best, knowing my best was more than good enough. Her views perfectly aligned with mine, and she really helped progress my development and knowledge.”

Before she takes the next step in her academic endeavors, the Rochester, New York native plans to embark on a coast-to-coast road trip, to see the country beyond Western New York. And, while she’s not sure exactly where she’ll land, she’s not worried. “I’m confident that my Fisher education will help propel me to the places I intend to go,” she said. “I am excited to get on with the next part of my life.”