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Healthy U

Healthy U is committed to encouraging employees to make personal choices that promote optimal health and to creating a culture of total wellness.

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The Healthy U Committee recognizes employees' diverse needs and interests by promoting educational programming, events, activities, resources, and the use of facilities in areas such as fitness, nutrition, and general health.

At-Home Wellness Resources

Being "stuck" at home doesn't mean our health and fitness routines have to be neglected. Now more than ever, maintaining healthy habits is key to our overall wellbeing. Check out the DAREBEE website for access to no-cost at-home workout routines, fitness challenges, and nutrition tips. Get started today with one - or more - 30-day challenges. It's free!

Additional free remote resources:



  • MyFitnessPal (iPhone or Android)
  • Nutrition Facts (Google Play)
  • Hydro Coach (Google Play)


  • Calm (iPhone or Android)
  • Insight Timer