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Staff Advisory Council

Staff Advisory Council Charter


The purpose of the Staff Advisory Council at St. John Fisher University is to serve as a forum for discussion of University staff interests and concerns in addition to promoting staff professionalism, development, and support opportunities. The Council also serves in an advisory capacity to the president of the University in matters dealing with their daily activities and work conditions.

Organization and Representation

The Staff Advisory Council is chaired by the vice president for business and finance and consists of twelve members drawn from the six operating divisions of the University. For purposes of this charter, staff is considered full-time employees of the University not involved as full-time teaching faculty in for-credit classroom or laboratory instruction.

Membership on the Council is determined as follows:

  • One director and one non-exempt employee from each of the six University divisions.
  • The divisions are the a) President's Division; b) Enrollment Management; c) Academic Affairs; d) Financial Affairs; e) Institutional Advancement; and f) Student Affairs and Diversity Initiatives.
  • Division vice presidents select a director and the director selects a non-exempt employee to serve on the Council.
  • Members serve for two-year terms, with the maximum length of service being three (3) consecutive terms. A year begins with the start of the University's fiscal year.
  • The president may appoint the director of human resources to the Council as an advisor to assist with providing information and communication between the Council and the campus.

Operating Guidelines

The Council will meet at least twice annually during the months of January and July or at the call of the president or the chair or at the written request to the chair of at least a majority of the Council membership.

The chair of the Council will establish an agenda for each meeting and distribute the agenda to all members of the Council at least three days prior to the meetings. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Staff Council and such majority is necessary to conduct business.

At least once a year, the Council will review personnel policies and staff issues of the University and upon a two-thirds majority vote of the Council, make recommendations to the chair of the Council regarding those matters affecting the working environment of staff employees.

Members of the Council are expected to consult with their divisional colleagues to determine matters to be brought before the Council for discussion. Members are also expected to share with members of their division the substance of issues considered during Council meetings.

Robert's Rules of Order shall be the basis for conducting business meetings.

Any amendment(s) to this Charter shall require a two-thirds majority vote of the Council and approval of the president of the University.