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Dining Services FAQs

Get answers to all your questions about dining services at Fisher.

Who has to be on a meal plan and what are the benefits?

If you are a resident student, you are required to be on a meal plan. The meal plans are designed with you in mind offering dining convenience, ample hours of service, and a variety of food selections in a social setting that is safe and clean. You may dine, snack, answer email, enjoy wi-fi access, and never pay sales tax on food purchases when using your meal plan.

When does the meal plan begin and end?

Your meal plan begins on upper class move-in day and concludes on the last day of scheduled finals each semester. For more information about meal plans, please review the meal plan conditions. No part of your meal plan (blocks, Dining Dollars, or guest passes) rolls over from semester to semester. No unused part of your meal plan (blocks, Dining Dollars, or guest passes) will be refunded at the end of the semester.

Why are students in residence halls required to be on a plan?

Residence halls have rules regarding cooking in resident rooms due to local fire and safety ordinances. The dining halls are designed to promote interaction and socialization among you and your classmates and the meal plan guarantees that there will be a variety of dining choices for you.

What if I'm too sick to get to the dining hall?

If you are sick and unable to leave your room to eat, or if the Health and Wellness Center asks you to stay in your room, you may ask a roommate or friend to pick up a special meal for you at the Dining Hall – Ward-Haffey. Your friend must have your ID and the dining hall manager's permission.

What if I have food related issues or special dietary needs?

Whether it's an allergy, a medically prescribed diet, adherence to religious food laws, or you choose to maintain a vegan diet, the dining services team is eager to hear from you. Please contact us at least two weeks before your arrival on campus or immediately following an unforeseen change in diet so we can adequately plan your menu.

How do I use my meal plan card?

Each time you visit a food service location, give your meal card to the cashier. A computerized data terminal reads your account number from the card and deducts the sale from your prepaid meal plan. Every time you make a purchase, your balance will appear on your printed receipt. You can view your unused meal plan swipes, Dining Dollars, and guest passes with the GET Mobile App on your Android or iOS phone. Your balance is always up-to-the-minute because the system runs on real time.

For your protection, if dining services personnel notice that anyone other than you is attempting to use your card, it will be confiscated and given to Safety and Security. The incident will be reported to Security and the Office of Student Affairs. If you would like to purchase a meal for a guest, you must be present with your card.

What if I want to change my meal plan?

You may make changes to your meal plan on myMealPlan at the very beginning of each semester.

What do I do if I lose my meal card?

For your security, as soon as you realize that you do not have physical control of your card, it is essential that you report the card lost to the Office of Safety and Security located in Ward-Haffey.