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Medical Excuse Policy

The Health and Wellness Center does not routinely provide excuses for students who miss class due to illness or injury.

Students who need to miss classes due to illness/injury are responsible for promptly notifying professors about absences caused by illness or injury, preferably prior to the class time rather than after the class time. Students should follow the directions regarding absence from class provided by the faculty member on the course syllabus. It is the purview of the faculty to determine when or if a student will be excused from class.

This policy is consistent with recommendations from the American College Health Association, as well as with the policies of peer institutions. This policy is also consistent with our commitment to maintain confidentiality, to encourage appropriate use of health care resources, and to support meaningful dialogue between professor and student.

Exceptions for Medical Excuse Notes

The Health and Wellness Center will only provide medical excuse notes to students for medical conditions that prevent a student from attending an exam or missing classes if the situation meets all of the following conditions:

  • A Health and Wellness Center provider is involved in the medical care before the exam or class was missed;
  • AND the condition is deemed medically significant by a medical provider in the Health and Wellness Center;
  • AND based on examination by a Health and Wellness Center provider, the student is advised not to attend class.

In general, the following conditions will NOT warrant a medical excuse note:

  • A request for a medical excuse note from the Health and Wellness Center for verification of an illness after the illness is over or after missing a class or exam.
  • A class or an exam is missed for an appointment at the Health and Wellness Center.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions which do not prevent ambulation (such as minor ankle injuries, wrist sprains, etc.)
  • Other minor illnesses that do not prevent a student from going to class.

Students are encouraged to communicate directly with faculty regarding class attendance and/or completion of class assignments when the illness or injury does not meet the criteria outlined above.