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Content Contributor Guide

Congratulations on being given the role of content contributor. You have been given a great power and with great power comes great responsibility.

Fisher's Website Values

The St. John Fisher University website is governed by the shared values of usability, accessibility, consistency, accuracy, flexibility, and inclusivity. The University’s web presence is the cornerstone of Fisher’s communication strategy and serves to promote our reputation as a student-centered, collaborative learning environment. The website is a reflection of the significant role Fisher plays in the community and is a resource for students, alumni, faculty, staff, donors, and partners.

Fisher’s web strategy is flexible, iterative, and responsive to the needs of the University and the demands of an ever-changing digital environment. These values are in alignment with the campus values of goodness, discipline, and knowledge.

Best Practice Tip

Alt Text

When adding an image to the media library, be sure to fill out the "Description" field. The description you add here will be used as the "alt text" of the image. Alt text is displayed when a user has images turned off and is also important for providing a description of the image for users using a screen reader. Your description should describe the content of the image as succinctly as possible. Learn more about alt text.