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Content Types in T4

The St. John Fisher University website is built using a variety of content types in T4 (our content management system).

A "content type" is a structured way to display information on a website. Content types have entry fields and (often) options that allow you to input your content and have it displayed in a consistent and reliable way on our website. Understanding what content types are available (and how to use them!) is an important part of being a content contributor.

Most Used Content Types

  • General Content

    The majority of the website is built using the General Content content type. It is flexible enough to use for most of the content on your page.

    Explore General Content
  • Accordion

    The Accordion content type allows content to be hidden or revealed based on a user's actions. Accordions are useful when displaying a large amount of text on a single page.

    Explore Accordion Content
  • Learn More CTA

    The Learn More CTA (Call to Action) content type can be used to highlight or draw attention to content in a more visual way.

    Explore Learn More CTA Content