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Editing Profile Content in T4

All profiles are stored in one folder in the backend of T4 and pulled onto pages based on categories.

Instructions for Editing a Profile

Navigate to the Profile Content

All profiles are stored in the Profiles folder which is located under Sites > Home > Profiles.

From the Content tab of the Profiles folder, use the filter field to find an individual profile to edit, then click on the link in the Name column.

From the Content tab of the Profiles folder, use the filter field to find an individual profile to edit, then click on the link in the Name column.

Once you have clicked on the Profiles folder:

  • (1) Click on the Content tab.
  • (2) Type part of the name of the person you want to edit into the filter box.
  • (3) Click on the link in the Name column to edit the content.

Edit and Save the Profile Content

Edit the content as needed, keeping in mind the style and formatting notes identified below.

If you've made changes to a profile but are not ready to have your changes published, use the Save as draft option. However, it is best not to keep a profile in draft mode for long to avoid an accidental publish.

When you are ready for the marketing team to review and publish your changes, use the Save changes option. This will put your edits into our approval queue.

Style and Formatting Notes for Profiles

The following style and formatting guidelines apply to profile content.

Name Field

The Name field is used in the back end to order content and should always be formatted LastName, FirstName.

Profile Title

The Profile Title field is used for an individual's job title. For faculty, do not include department names, unless the person is the chair, program director, or dean. In those cases, professor status should come first, followed by any additional titles.


  • Assistant Professor
  • Professor and Dean, Wegmans School of Pharmacy
  • Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology


The Office field is for the person's office location on campus. For most campus buildings, there is no need to use the word "Hall."

The buildings below should use the following standard designations:

  • Campus Center XXX
  • Salerno XXX
  • Skalny Welcome Center


For the Phone field, use the format (XXX) XXX-XXXX. In general, this field should be used for an individual's official Fisher phone number only.


The Education field is where to include an individual's degrees received and colleges/universities attended.

The following guidelines apply:

  • List the highest degree earned first
  • Separate degrees with a "soft return" (SHIFT + RETURN)
  • Follow the format of Degree, Area of Study (if indicated), College/University
    • Ed.D., University of Rochester
    • M.A. Economics, George Mason University
  • If sequential degrees have been granted by the same university, use the format Degree 2 (higher), Degree 1 (lower), College/University
    • M.S., B.S., St. John Fisher University
    • Ph.D., M.A., Syracuse University
  • Use the following degree abbreviations:
    • AAS
    • B.A./B.S.
    • B.S.Pharm.
    • DNP
    • J.D.
    • M.A./M.S.
    • MBA
    • MLS
    • M.S.Ed.
    • Ph.D.
    • Pharm.D.


The Certifications field is mostly used for pharmacy and nursing faculty. For multiple certifications, use a "soft return" (i.e. SHIFT + ENTER).


The Narrative field is used for any additional information you'd like to provide. Most people use it for a narrative about their experience and expertise, and as a place to cite recent publications. If you do add publications, add them as a bulleted list.

Areas of the narrative section should be separated by bolded paragraph headings. See Fernando Ontiveros as a good example.

Recent Publications

Recent publications are added as a bulleted list. Publications are formatted as follows: Article (or Document or Presentation) Title, Journal (or Book) Title, Date. Co-authored with First Name Last Name.

See Lipika Chablani as a good example.


The Category field controls where the profile is displayed on the website. This should generally be kept as is. If you want to change the category for some reason, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

If there are two or more categories listed, the content is being displayed in more than one section of the website. This means that any change you make to the profile in one context will affect the display of that profile in another context.