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Before Uploading a Document to the T4 Media Library

Set your documents up for success by following the steps below BEFORE uploading them to the T4 Media Library.

Add a Document Title

Why Add a Document Title?

In search results, a good, descriptive title lets users understand the contents of a document and helps them decide if they have found the information they are looking for. The document title is also displayed in a user's browser tab, helping them navigate between a number of open tabs. In addition, the document title is the first thing a user of assistive technology will hear, making it important to properly orient them to the document's contents.

How to Add a Document Title

Note: When converting a document to a PDF, it is best to set the title in the source document before creating the PDF. This ensures that the PDF maintains that title, regardless of how many times you edit and re-convert the source document to a PDF.

Document Titles Using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  • Go to File > Info.
  • Under Properties (right column), click Add a title.
  • Add a specific and meaningful title (see Document Title Tips and Examples below).
  • Save the document.

Document Titles Using Adobe Acrobat

  • Go to File > Properties.
  • Navigate to the Description tab of the Document Properties dialog box.
  • In the Title field, add a specific and meaningful title (see Document Title Tips and Examples below).
  • Save the document.

Document Title Training Video

The following training video covers the basics of adding a title to a document in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat [video length: 00:02:33].

Document Title Tips and Examples

A document title should clearly indicate what information is in the document and who it is for. Remember, search results pull together pages and documents completely out of context. Avoid adding dates or years in your document titles. Titles have a tendency to live on in Google search results for a long time and may make your information look out of date, even if you have since updated the document.

Document Title Examples

Review the below pairs of possible document titles.

Use This: T4 Training Guide for Content Contributors
Instead of: Training Guide

Use This: Web Accessibility Basics for Content Contributors
Instead of: Accessibility Information

Reduce the Document File Size (for PDFs)

Why Reduce the File Size?

Users access our site from all kinds of devices, including phones. Downsizing documents speeds up a user's access to the content they need and minimizes their frustration.

How to Reduce the File Size of a PDF

If you have access to Adobe Acrobat, please downsize your PDFs before uploading them to the T4 Media Library.

  • Go to File > Save As Other > Reduced Size PDF.
  • From the Make compatible with dropdown menu, select Acrobat 9.0 and later, then OK.
  • Save the document.

Whenever possible, try to keep documents under 1 MB.

Consider the Document File Name

Why are File Names Important?

The file name of your document is used to generate the URL for that document. If you upload over an existing document using a different file name, the URL of the document will change (see File Name Scenario below).

File Name Best Practices

As a best practice, we recommend file names that either use dashes or "camel case" to separate words in the name. Do not use spaces in your file names, as this can cause problems in the URL that is generated. Underscores are also not a good idea because when the URL is printed, the underscore will disappear into the underline.

File Name Examples

  • T4TrainingGuide.pdf —OR— T4-training-guide.pdf
  • WebAccessibilityBasics.pdf —OR— web-accessibility-basics.pdf

File Name Scenario

What follows is an example of why it is very important to use the exact same file name when uploading over an existing document in T4.

Say you have a document called "Web Accessibility Basics 2020." You upload it to the Media Library with a file name of "WebAccessibilityBasics2020." The URL of this document is

Come January, you create a new version of the document for 2021. You give this document a file name of "WebAccessibilityBasics2021." If you upload over the existing document in the Media Library with this new version, the URL of the document will change to

If anyone has linked to your original document in print or using a direct URL, their links will break.

What should you do instead? Upload the document with a file name of "WebAccessibilityBasics" and leave the year out. As long as you continue to upload over the document with this same file name, nothing will break. If you want to keep track of which version is currently uploaded, you can make note of it in the Description field.