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Upload a New Document to the T4 Media Library

All documents (.pdf, .doc, .xls, etc.) should be added to the T4 Media Library in a “documents” folder in your section.

Note: If you are updating an existing document in the Media Library, follow the instructions to on how to update an existing document.

New Document Upload Training Video

The following training video covers the basics of uploading a new document to the Media Library in T4. [video length: 00:01:45].

Instructions for Uploading a New Document

Navigate to Your Documents Folder

Any document you upload to the T4 Media Library should be added to a "documents" subfolder within your section. If you don't have a documents subfolder, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications to have one added.

As a reminder, the Media Library is located under the Content tab. Once in your section, find your documents subfolder and add a new document with the "+ Add media" button.

Add a Document with the Media Details Screen

Use the "Drop file here or click to choose" button to select your document. You will then see your document in the Media file field, as shown below.

Screenshot of the Media details screen that is filled out when uploading a document to the Media Library.
  • (1) The Media type field will automatically populate with the appropriate designation.
  • (2) The Name field becomes the link text that a user will click on from a page. This field should always include the document type in brackets, as shown in the image above.*
  • (3) The Description field can be used to provide additional context to the document name for your reference (i.e. year, date updated, etc.) but is not displayed to the user. When in doubt, the description field can be the same as the name field.
  • (4) The Syntax highlighting language field will automatically populate with the appropriate designation.
  • (5) The Media language dependence field should be set to "Fully independent."

*If you change what is in the name field, the link text on any page linking to the document will also change. The exception to this rule is if the link text on a page has been edited by using the "Set media attributes" dialogue box. For more information, refer to the information on adding a document to a page).

Next Step: Add the Document to a Page

Once your document is in the Media Library, you are ready to add the document to a page.