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Economic Impact Study Footnotes

1For purposes of calculating the economic impact of St. John Fisher College spending, employee health insurance is treated as a purchased service, allocated according to the employee’s place of residence.

2As might be expected, the impact of the College's spending on payroll, purchasing and construction is somewhat greater at the regional level than at the Monroe County level, and greater at the state level than at the regional level. However, since in analyzing the impact of student spending we include only spending by students from outside Monroe County (at the county level), from outside the greater Rochester area (at the regional level) or from outside New York state (at the state level), the impact of student spending is greater at the county level than at the regional and state levels. As a result, the combined impacts of College, student and visitor spending shown in Tables 5, 6 and 7 are slightly greater at the county level than at the regional and state levels.

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