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MCC Criminology Advising Guide for Transfer Students

Undergraduate B.A. Criminology and Criminal Justice Program

Course Requirements

MCC and Fisher Course Equivalencies for Criminology Program
Monroe Community College CourseFisher Equivalent Course
MTH 160 - Statistics ECON 221 - Statistics
CRJ 101 - Intro to Criminal Justice CRIM 100 - Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
CRJ 103 - Con Law & People's Rights CRIM 1XX - Con Law & People's Rights (elective)
SOC 101 - Intro to Sociology SOCI 101 - Intro to Sociology (elective)
Choose up to two courses below to satisfy major requirements:**
ANT 105 - Forensic Anthropology
CRJ 171 - Legal Aspects of Corrections
CRJ 170 - Introduction to Corrections
CHE/BIO 136 - Intro Forensic Science
**Additional courses may transfer as College core or elective credit.
ANTH 221 - Bones, Bodies & Detection (elective)
CRIM 1XX - Criminology elective
CRIM 1XX - subst. for CRIM 230 - Prison Nation
CHEM 132 - The Chemistry of Crime
ENG 109 - Detective Fiction -OR-
SPC 141 or 144
ENGL 231 - Detective & Mystery
Liberal arts elective
HSM 103 - Perspectives on Terrorism -OR-
POS 102 - American National Government
SSC 1XX - Perspectives on Terrorism
POSC 111 - Intro American Govt
PHL 250 - Professional Ethics PHIL 2XX - Professional Ethics
SOC 203 - Criminology Liberal arts elective

Language Proficiency for B.A. Candidates

B.A. degree candidates need to show language proficiency. Students can fulfill the requirement by either having transfer credit for language at the 112 level at Fisher (102 level at MCC), taking course(s) at Fisher to complete at the 112 level, or by taking a language proficiency test through the Department of Modern Languages at Fisher that demonstrates proficiency at the 112 level. The proficiency test does not result in academic credit, as this is not a credit requirement. Transfer coursework will result in academic credit.

Recommended Courses

Fulfill remaining associate degree program requirements. Choose courses listed above to fulfill elective requirements as required.

Additional Notes

Grade Point Average: 2.0 GPA required for admission consideration to Fisher. Students must submit a formal transfer application the semester before intended enrollment.

Last Updated: 2022/2023