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MCC Inclusive Adolescence Education Advising Guide for Transfer Students

Undergraduate B.S. Inclusive Adolescence Education Program

Course Requirements

MCC and Fisher Courses Equivalencies for Inclusive Adolescence Program
Monroe Community College CourseFisher Equivalent Course
EDU 200 - Foundations of Education EDUC 112 - Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education
PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychological Science  PSYC 100 - Introduction to Psychology
PSY 202 - Developmental Psych - Adolescence ITED 228 Adolescent Development
EDU 230 - Introduction to Special Education EDUC 201 - Schools, Ability, and Learning

Recommended Courses

  • Choose up to 2 ENG courses
  • Choose 2 courses from the following courses: HIS, SOC, ECO, POS, GEG
  • Math - Choose 2 courses from the following courses: MTH 150, 160, 161, 162, 165, 175, and above
  • Natural Science - Choose 2 courses from the following courses: BIO; CHEM; GEO; PHY; SCI

Content Area Major/Concentration Requirements

Students should choose one concentration/major in a content area and complete all courses as listed. Students must complete at least half of their intended concentration/major at Fisher. The inclusive adolescence education degree program is a dual certification program comprised of the inclusive adolescence education major and a content area concentration/major. The program results in certification in Adolescence Education (grades 7–12) in the chosen content area and Students with Disabilities (grades 7–12) Generalist with the option to add Middle School Extension (grades 5–6) in the content area. This program is designed to prepare candidates to teach in one of the following disciplines at the middle and adolescence levels (grades 7–12 or grades 5-12): biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, social studies, English, and Earth science. In addition, candidates earn certification to teach students with disabilities in grades 7–12 as a generalist. A generalist is certified for employment as a supporting teacher for students with disabilities in content areas other than the candidate’s major area of study.

  • American Studies: Choose up to five courses from: HIS 111, 112, 113 or 114; ECO 111 or 112; POS 102, HIS 250
  • Biology: BIO 155, 156; CHE 151, 152
  • Chemical Education: CHE 151, 152, 251, 252
  • English Literature: Choose three courses from: ENG 201, 202, 203, 204; Recommended: ENG 210, 218
  • History: Choose up to six courses from: HIS 111, 112, 113, 114, 250; ECO 111 or 112; POS 102
  • Mathematics: MTH 210; 211, 212, 220, 230
  • Physics: MTH 210, 211 PHY 154 and 155 or PHY 161 and 261

Additional Notes

A grade of C or higher required in all courses used toward the education major and NYS Content Core required by Fisher. Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher required for continuation at Fisher. Students must complete at least half of their intended major at Fisher. Total credits remaining at Fisher for a student who completes the above-prescribed coursework depends upon the major chosen to be combined with the inclusive adolescence education program. The second content area major may require candidates to complete more than the minimum 120 credits required for degree completion.

Students must submit a formal transfer application the semester before intended enrollment.

Last Updated: 2022/2023