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Pre-Professional Tests

Nearly all health professions programs require prospective students to take a pre-professional test before or during the application process.

Scores on these tests serve as one measure of the intellectual capacity of students. Undergraduate and science GPAs are another measure of a student’s likelihood of succeeding in a particular graduate program.

While the tests are not the only factor schools consider, they are very important. For highly competitive programs, such as allopathic medical schools and pharmacy programs, the average accepted student has a professional test score in the 80th percentile or better (that is, they are in the top 20% of test-takers).

Students planning to start a graduate program the fall after graduation from Fisher should take the pre-professional test between spring of junior year and fall of senior year.

Success on Pre-Professional Tests

Pre-professional tests are a challenge – but one that bright and diligent students can overcome. Keys to success include:

  • Focusing on a thorough understanding of content presented in your courses while you are taking them – especially the prerequisites such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Familiarity with the test well in advance. Check out the test links to the right – many testing companies have practice tests or questions available on their websites.
  • Practice and preparation. Establish a review and practice schedule 6-9 months before you plan to take the test.

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