Areas of Interest: Pharmacoepidemiology, post-market surveillance, secondary data analysis, pharmacoeconomics, population-based healthcare, managed care
Office:WEGPHR 340
Phone:(585) 385-5255
Jill Lavigne

TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer


University of Rochester, Rochester, New York

  • Ph.D., Health Services Research and Policy
  • Master of Science, Public Policy Analysis
  • Master of Public Health

Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

  • B.A., cum laude

Dr. Lavigne developed the Pharm.D. curricula in pharmacoeconomics, managed care, quality improvement, healthcare delivery, and population health. She was founding faculty advisor of the campus-wide Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and has mentored students and post-docs in research and teaching. Dr. Lavigne's campus leadership roles have included Co-Chair of Accreditation Review, pharmacy school representative to the Committee on Rank and Tenure, Faculty Council, Faculty Assembly, Long Term Planning and Budget, and Chair of the Professional Development Committee and the Strategic Planning Subcommittee on Faculty and Staff Engagement and Retention. Beyond campus, Dr. Lavigne is an Economist on the New York State Medicaid Drug Utilization Review Board, has served on the editorial board of the Journal of the American Pharmacists' Association, and chaired a review panel for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Dr. Lavigne holds degrees in health services research (Ph.D.) and master's degrees in public health (MPH) and public policy (MS) from the University of Rochester and a degree in public policy analysis/East Asian studies (Chinese) from Duke University. Dr. Lavigne studied at Nanjing University and Beijing Teacher's College, and she worked in rural Japan and later traveled the Trans-Siberian Rail to Europe.


Full List of Publications on Google Scholar

  • Pigeon Response to Kawada regarding Comparative safety of insomnia medications and deaths by suicide among veterans, Sleep Medicine. In press. Co-authored with K. Hur and J.B. Gibbons.
  • Pigeon Associations between insomnia medications and risk of death by suicide, Sleep Med, Nov. 2023, 199-206. Co-authored with K. Hur and J.B. Gibbons.
  • Rural community pharmacists’ perspectives on lethal means management, Clinical Gerontologist, Aug. 2023, 1-13. Co-authored with J. West and D. Carpenter.
  • Folic Acid Prescription and Suicide Attempt Prevention: Effect of Past Suicidal Behavior, Psychiatric Diagnosis and Psychotropic Medication, BMJ Psychiatry Open, Aug. 2023. Co-authored with J.J. Mann, K. Hur, R. D. Gibbons.
  • Impact of a brief suicide prevention training with an interactive video case, American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, July 2023. Co-authored with D.M. Carpenter, A. Stover, S. Harris, and H. Anksorus. 
  • Development of the Pharm-SAVES educational module for gatekeeper suicide prevention training for community pharmacy staff, Health Expectations, June 2023. Co-authored with A.N. Stover and D. Carpenter.
  • The association between vitamin D serum levels, supplementation, and suicide attempts and intentional self-harm in veterans, PLoS ONE 2023. Co-authored with J.B. Gibbons.
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