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Associate Professor and Chair, Marketing, Management, and Human Resources Management
Nicholas Leifker

Apple Teacher


Ph.D., University of Iowa
MBA, Texas A&M University
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University

Leifker attended Texas A&M University where he received his Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering, and continued his education there to earn his Master of Business Administration. He then went on to the University of Iowa, where he pursued his Ph.D. in business administration.

Prior to joining Fisher, he worked as an analyst for Suez Energy Resources N.A., a retail energy provider for businesses. He was also a mechanical engineer for Stewart Systems. In 2005, he was awarded the University of Iowa President Graduate Fellowship, which sent him back to school for his Ph.D.

Originally from Dubuque, Iowa, Leifker spent most of his life in the Dallas, Texas area. Currently, he resides in Brighton.