About the iFisher Next Generation Learning Initiative

A student works on an iPad during class.

The iFisher Next Generation Learning Initiative, which began in the fall of 2021, provides all on-campus undergraduate students with an iPad, keyboard case, and Apple Pencil.

This initiative is an extension of Fisher’s commitment to providing students with transformative experiences designed to help them achieve their educational goals and early career outcomes.

Feedback on the iFisher initiative shows that integrating iPad technology into the student experience can support:

  • High-quality, multimedia learning experiences
  • More inclusive teaching and learning experiences
  • Improved communication between faculty and students
  • Convenient study options for student-athletes who are frequently traveling for competitions
  • Advising and career planning activities
  • Reduced pressure on computer labs
  • A culture of collaboration and communication
  • Campus sustainability, by reducing printing and centralizing document and file sharing

Program Details

Your iPad comes with popular applications like iMovie, Garage Band, Clips, and Photo Booth as well as academic programs including Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Zoom, and more.