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Online Student Orientation

The orientation includes information on technology requirements, tips for being a successful online learner, links to campus services and more.

The orientation in Blackboard is available to you throughout the time you are taking online/hybrid courses so it may be used as a reference at any time, although you only need to successfully complete the Online & Hybrid Student Orientation Quiz one time, prior to the start of your course.

Once you have reviewed all the material in the module there is a short self-check quiz for you to complete. You will be reminded to complete orientation through a general announcement two weeks prior to each semester in which you are enrolled in online/hybrid courses. Course instructors will monitor to ensure students complete the orientation prior to the start of their online/hybrid course.


  • When you register for an online or hybrid course, you will be automatically enrolled in an orientation module.
  • Two weeks prior to your course, you will receive a reminder to complete the orientation.
  • Review the online orientation materials.
  • Complete the Online & Hybrid Student Orientation Quiz prior to the start of your course.
  • Start your course.
  • You may review the online orientation materials at any time during your course.