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Family and Student Sponsor Information from the Center for Career and Academic Planning

As a family member or loved one of a St. John Fisher University student, you may have questions about how Fisher supports the success of your student.

What guidance is offered in choosing a major? How will your student choose a career? Who will provide support along the way? While Fisher students are ultimately responsible for their own success—in academics and in their career—career services at the Center for Career and Academic Planning help them from day one.

Dr. Julia Overton-Healy, Director of Career Services

Dr. Julia Overton-Healy, Director of Career Services

We are a success partner with your student. We offer career interest assessments, access to tutoring, assistance with course selection and major choices, internships and job postings, networking and mentoring events, and résumé development and grad school applications.

We welcome and appreciate you connecting with career services at CCAP. Here are some suggestions for how you can reinforce our services:

Family as Partners

Encourage exploration. Choosing a major, and possible career pathways related to it, is a complex and nuanced process. 

Model networking and career professionalism. Offer to be a career mentor to other Fisher students. If you’re in a position to recruit and hire Fisher talent, post opportunities with us.

Urge early involvement with career services at CCAP. Waiting until senior year means they’ve missed out on years of career help. 

Encourage help-seeking. College is not high school: the stakes are higher and so are the standards. If you think something isn’t working, call us.

Support strategic involvement. From career assessments to employer site visits to our career fairs, encourage your student to participate. Suggest joining one or two clubs, working a part time job, or volunteering in the community.

Cultivate pre-career learning. Career services at CCAP is constantly developing opportunities like internships, job shadowing, site visits, or mentoring programs with our partner employers and with alumni.