Parking and Traffic Regulations

Below are the parking and traffic regulations as referred to in Section 19.02 of the Student Code of Conduct.

In the interest of the safe and orderly movement of vehicles and traffic, the following regulations have been established in accordance with New York State law, insurance, fire and safety regulations.

  1. Vehicle Registration
    1. All vehicles operated on St. John Fisher University property must be legally licensed and inspected in compliance with the motor vehicle laws of the respective states in which they are registered.
    2. All vehicles on the Fisher campus must be registered with the security office and display a valid parking permit or pass on the vehicle.
    3. By registering a vehicle at the University, the owner/operator consents to a search of the vehicle if there is a reasonable suspicion that there is substantial likelihood that contraband or evidence of activity that violates a University policy or local, state, or federal law is inside the vehicle.
    4. The registration process is complete only when the issued parking permit is affixed to the vehicle as prescribed by the Office of Safety and Security .
  2. Parking
    1. Faculty and staff may park in any of the parking areas designated for faculty, staff, or commuter student parking.
    2. Faculty and staff are not authorized to park in spaces reserved for visitors to the University.
    3. Students are not authorized to park in reserved or visitor parking areas or spaces.
    4. Students, faculty, and staff using a temporary vehicle must obtain a temporary parking permit from the Office of Safety and Security.
    5. Parking, unless otherwise directed, is prohibited in fire lanes, in front of all building entrances, on grass areas, roadways, parking lot driving lanes, sidewalks, and service areas.
    6. In accordance with New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws, handicapped spaces are reserved for those vehicles displaying authorized handicapped parking permits or license plates when used by the individual to whom the permit or plate was issued.
    7. Vehicles may be temporarily parked near building entrances and in service areas for brief periods for loading and unloading. These rules apply to such use:
      • Vehicle flashers must be on when loading or unloading.
      • Do not leave the vehicle for longer than ten (10) minutes.
      • Vehicles may not be left in fire lanes or handicapped parking spaces for loading and unloading.
  3. Campus Speed Limit
    1. The speed limit is fifteen (15) miles per hour on all roadways and in all parking areas on campus.

Drivers who fail to comply with St. John Fisher University traffic regulations are subject to fines, towing, and revocation of driving privileges on campus. Those with an accumulation of tickets will be placed on a tow list. Once the tickets are paid and/or the vehicle is towed, the ticket(s) will remain in accumulation during the current academic year, thus susceptible for future towing.

General information about vehicle use on campus can be found on the Office of Safety and Security website.