Urban Scholars Initiative

The Fisher Urban Scholars initiative is designed to make Fisher more affordable to students living within the City of Rochester while equipping them to develop as leaders within the community.

About the Initiative

The Fisher Urban Scholars initiative was created in 2020, with the first enrolled cohort admitted to Fisher in September 2020. This initiative includes an award, which pledges $40,000 per student over the course of four years. Any high school student who resides in the City of Rochester and enrolls at Fisher as a first-year student is eligible. The award may be combined with any other scholarships for which a student qualifies. Students must meet the standard requirements for admission into Fisher.

Fisher Urban Scholars have the opportunity to help peers from other contextual living environments learn and explore the vast cultural richness of urban communities and lifestyles. Mutual learning experiences prepare both urban scholars and their peers for new experiences in their homes, schools, communities, and beyond.

Elements of the Initiative

  • The University, through the office of admissions, will strive to consistently enroll students for the Fisher Urban Scholars each fall.
  • The University, under the direction of the senior diversity officer, will provide a strong support system to the Fisher Urban Scholars using existing programs and resources.
  • Students will have access to ongoing mentoring and opportunities for experiential learning.