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Inclusion Council

The Inclusion Council promotes the knowledge, skills, and best practices for inclusive excellence at St. John Fisher University.

About the Inclusion Council

The Inclusion Council advises the Senior Diversity Officer in planning, coordinating, and implementing inclusive structural change. The senior diversity officer leads the council and will recommend members to be appointed by the president. Members will serve a two-year term.

The Inclusion Council consists of twenty members representing constituents throughout the University community. The divisional vice presidents and the deans from the five schools identify a key representative to serve on the Inclusion Council.

As members of the Inclusion Council, appointees have strategic responsibilities to the University. Each appointee is a Diversity Champion responsible for promoting and advancing DEI and an inclusive environment for students, faculty, staff, and the wider community while shepherding organizational and cultural change.

Inclusion Council Responsibilities

  • Oversee and implement the DEI framework for their respective schools, divisions, and departments or units.
  • Propose and lead initiatives that enrich, educate, and develop DEI knowledge and skills among students, employees, alumni, and trustees.
  • Establish key metrics and collect data to track progress toward DEI milestones as we do the work of creating a climate of greater inclusion and equity throughout the campus.
  • Serve as a spokesperson for DEI initiatives and collaboratively communicate about our actions toward inclusive excellence.
  • Ensure accessibility throughout communications and implementation.