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Pillar 4: Equity, Inclusion, and Community

St. John Fisher College will cultivate an equitable, inclusive learning and working environment that attracts, retains, and supports a diverse community of lifelong learners to positively impact today’s complex, global world.

Three circular photos depicting Strategic Plan Pillar 4: Equity, Inclusion, and Community.

Goal 4.1

Infuse Principles of Equity and Inclusion into the Campus Community

Demonstrate our renewed commitment to an inclusive campus through programming and other investments.

  1. Infuse equity and inclusion principles into the revised general education program to recognize their importance to a 21st century education.
  2. Apply an equity lens to program reviews to assure fairness and inclusion of diverse materials in the college curriculum.
  3. Increase visibility, coordination, and cross-promotion of diversity and equity initiatives, linking them to curriculum and assessing their effectiveness.

Goal 4.2

Create a More Diverse Community through Recruitment and Retention Efforts

Develop a more diverse and inclusive campus community through recruitment and retention efforts of students, faculty, and staff.

  1. Review current recruitment and retention practices with regard to diversity and benchmark to reflect best practices.
  2. Apply an equity lens to institutional messaging to assess possible impact on diverse populations.
  3. Apply an equity lens to program reviews in terms of staffing.

Goal 4.3

Develop Cultural Competency Skill Sets

Expand training opportunities for the entire campus community to interact more effectively across a range of cultural backgrounds.

  1. Introduce and/or expand existing diversity and cultural competency programming based on assessment of the College’s needs and enlist outside expertise for training if needed.
  2. Expand and support existing opportunities for faculty and staff development and cross-promote diversity efforts between academic and co-curricular offices.

Goal 4.4

Cultivate an Environment that Supports Inclusiveness

Create an environment that seeks to make inclusiveness a natural part of the campus experience.

  1. Promote and enhance formal and informal opportunities, both curricular and co-curricular, for diverse students to make meaningful connections.
  2. Provide a training framework for students seeking community engagement experiences (service-learning, service experiences, etc.).