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Pillar 5: Institutional Excellence

St. John Fisher College will promote collaboration, accountability, and communication in order to be responsive to the rapidly changing environment of higher education and extend its mission into the 21st century.

Three circular photos depicting Strategic Plan Pillar 5: Institutional Excellence.

Goal 5.1

Integrate Planning, Assessment, and Budgeting Processes

Coordinate and develop planning and resource management for all divisions to focus on continuous improvement.

  1. Coordinate College, school, and unit strategic planning and assessment practices to inform decision making and achieve institutional goals.
  2. Coordinate resource management processes with budget planning across units and divisions to identify opportunities and respond to challenges.
  3. Work to incorporate sustainable planning and practices to support the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the College.
  4. Working collaboratively with OIT staff, strategically deploy and leverage existing and emerging technologies to enhance efficiency of processes and improve interactions between and among systems.
  5. Research and identify new approaches to revenue generation.

Goal 5.2

Improve Governance, Reporting, and Communication Processes

Develop and coordinate processes to promote effective communication, campus-wide governance, and reporting.

  1. Develop annual reporting processes that include individual reports for faculty and staff and departmental reports which incorporate the use of assessment results.
  2. Develop a robust college-wide communication plan to expand the visibility of policies, priorities, accomplishments, and contributions.
  3. Implement a clearly articulated and transparent governance structure that outlines roles and responsibilities for campus decision making.
  4. Streamline administrative services and leverage technology to meet transactional needs while building capacity.

Goal 5.3

Support Professional Development of Faculty and Staff

Provide ongoing and sustained professional development opportunities designed to improve the student experience, expand scholarly work, and develop leadership behaviors across campus.

  1. Develop a professional development program for employees in order to build a leadership culture on campus.
  2. Provide opportunities for faculty to analyze current teaching strategies and apply pedagogical transformation efforts.
  3. Support efforts to increase and expand scholarship and research.
  4. Implement compliance training and enterprise risk management to enhance College operations.

Goal 5.4

Build a Model Institutional Advancement Program

Integrate and support best practices in development and constituent engagement across the breadth of the institution.

  1. Develop an alumni relations program focused on lifelong relationships that begin as students and lead to a continuum of rewarding experiences in order to further engagement with and service to the College.
  2. Explore opportunities to engage more deeply with families, community and business leaders, and government officials for the betterment of our students and the entire College community.
  3. Plan and execute the largest comprehensive fundraising campaign in the history of the College in support of this plan and the College’s needs and aspirations.