Federal Perkins Loan

Federal Perkins Student Loans are low interest loans for undergraduate students with exceptional financial need.

St. John Fisher College serves as the lender. Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) services Fisher's Perkins loans.

Perkins Loan Basics

Please Note: Federal Perkins Loan funds are not available after September 30, 2017 due to congressional action.

Interest Rate

The interest rate is 5%. Perkins Loan borrowers are eligible to defer the repayment of the loan principal, with no interest charged while enrolled for classes as at least a half-time student. It is a subsidized loan, with interest being paid by the federal government during the in-school and nine-month grace period. Repayment begins nine months after dropping below half-time enrollment.


Repayment can take a maximum of ten years. Payments will be made to Educational Computer Systems, Inc, Fisher's Perkins Loan servicer. ECSI will contact you via email after part-time enrollment ceases regarding exit counseling and repayment.

Perkins Sample Repayment - 10 Year Term

Perkins Sample Repayment Amount
Original Principal Monthly Payment Amount
$4,800 $50.91
$6,800 $72.12
$8,800 $93.34