Noyce INSPIRE Scholarship

Inspire and Prepare Noyce Scholars to Teach in Rural Environments

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Noyce INSPIRE Scholars will receive a scholarship of up to $21,750 per year during their junior and senior year at Fisher to cover attendance.* Over a five-year period a total of 20 Scholars will be selected to participate in this competitive program. After graduation, INSPIRE Scholars will be required to work in a high-need school district (with rural districts strongly encouraged) for two years for each year of the scholarship received, to be fulfilled within eight years after completing the program.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1852690.

*The Noyce Scholarship plus other grants, scholarships, and self-help awards may not exceed the cost of attendance for the student.

Application Process

In order to meet the eligibility criteria for the INSPIRE program, scholars must:

  • Be current U.S. citizen, permanent resident, national, or refugee
  • Be enrolled in both the B.A. degree in a STEM discipline (biology, chemistry, math, or physics) and inclusive adolescence education major
  • Have a GPA of at least 2.80 or higher in science and education courses by the time they apply to the program and for the duration of the scholarship program
  • Submit a transcript of their courses
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from a STEM faculty member
  • Write a statement of purpose about why they should be selected as a scholar, why they wish to pursue STEM teaching, and how this program will be a benefit for them

NOYCE Inspire Application

The scholarship committee will use this information, as well as an in-person interview with potential scholars, to assess students for evidence of a willingness to be challenged and the ability to adapt to situations outside their comfort zone—both qualities necessary to teach in high-need classrooms. The committee will take into consideration financial need, whether the student graduated from a rural or high-need high school, and whether the student will increase participation of minorities, persons with disabilities, and underrepresented genders relative to specific teaching areas. Students will be scored on a nine-point system, with three points possible each for personal statement, in-person interview, and financial need.

Scholarship Requirements

INSPIRE Scholars must complete the following requirements:

  • B.A. major in a STEM discipline and inclusive adolescence education major.
  • INSPIRE Scholars will be required to work in a high-need school district (with rural districts strongly encouraged) for two years for each year of the scholarship received, to be fulfilled within eight years after completing the program.

Additional Requirements

INSPIRE Scholars will be expected to participate in support and enrichment activities, including:

  • Traveling to a regional conference as described in the teacher preparation program
  • Engaging with a teacher mentor within partner high-need districts
  • Coaching by program leaders during the induction year
  • Offering feedback on professional development during and after program completion
  • Providing requested verification of fulfillment of the teaching service requirement
  • Joining the Finger Lakes ACEs Connection, a collaborative network supporting the global Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) science movement to promote trauma-informed and resilience-building practices and policies in all communities and institutions.

Additional Benefits

In addition to financial benefits, scholarship recipients will benefit from additional advising, mentorship, and community-building opportunities.


INSPIRE Scholars will be advised by the Noyce program management team and will be supported by regular meetings with the Center for Career and Academic Planning (CCAP) staff. Scholars will be further supported by learning assistants (LAs) which will help them to be successful STEM students.


INSPIRE Scholars will participate in at least one module per semester on effective mentoring and coaching in high-need school districts. This will be integrated into their required education courses for the degree program.

Professional Development

INSPIRE Scholars will participate in workshops that focus on topics that address specific challenges of the partner school districts, including:

  • Trauma-sensitive classrooms
  • Poverty simulations to better understand the impact of poverty on learning environments
  • Cultural competence
  • Integration of case studies in practical learning
  • Community-engaged learning experiences
  • Effective mentoring

Community and Network Building

INSPIRE Scholars will mentor students who enter the program after them and be mentored by previous Noyce Scholars through the proposed workshops, panel discussions, professional development activities, and joint attendance at regional STEM education meetings and workshops.

Community Building Through Travel to a Regional Conference

INSPIRE Scholars will travel to regional or national teaching conferences as a cohort and be accompanied by faculty from Fisher.

Noyce Program Team

Fisher INSPIRE Noyce Program Team

St. John Fisher University

PI (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Kermin J. Martínez-Hernández
School of Arts and Sciences 

Co-PI’s (Co-Principal Investigators)

Dr. Susan Hildenbrand
School of Education 

Dr. Edward Freeman
School of Arts and Sciences 

Finger Lakes Community College

Co-PI (Co-Principal Investigator)

Ms. Kellie Gauvin