Join the Spire Society

The Spire Society is a network of University leaders who invest in our students, our people, and our mission.

Membership in the Spire Society is granted to those donors who give $1,000 or more annually to the University’s Fisher Fund, committing to that minimum level of giving for three years. They can designate their support to the area of greatest need, one of ten central areas of the University, or any combination of these, setting an example of generosity for others to follow. Collectively, Spire Society members invest in and enhance the Fisher experience, making it available to all who wish to learn and grow here.

Join the Spire Society

The Impact of the Fisher Fund

Spire Society gifts are used by the University’s leadership to respond to the needs and opportunities that arise annually. Your generosity directly supports scholarships, experiential learning opportunities, support for faculty and student research collaboration, acquisition of library collections, creation of new academic programs, investment in technology, facility improvements, athletic team travel and equipment, student leadership training, and more.

The Fisher Fund enables the president, provost, vice presidents, and deans to champion new initiatives, innovative ideas, and strategic opportunities.

What is the Fisher Fund?

The St. John Fisher University Fisher Fund is composed of eleven funds that support all aspects of the University.

  • Area of Greatest Need
  • Financial Aid
  • School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Business
  • Wegmans School of Nursing
  • Wegmans School of Pharmacy
  • Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education
  • Athletics
  • Lavery Library
  • Student Life
  • Presidential Initiatives

Spire Society Membership Levels

  • Founders Level ($25,000 or higher annual gift)
  • Presidents Level ($10,000-$24,999 annual gift)
  • Scholars Level ($5,000-$9,999 annual gift)
  • Pioneers Level ($2,500-$4,999 annual gift)
  • Members Level ($1,000-$2,499 annual gift)
  • Associates Level (Graduates of the last decade)
    Membership in the Associates Level is available for Fisher graduates of the past ten years who make a Spire Society commitment between $500 and $999 (Starts with a $42 monthly gift)

Spire Society Member Roll

Founders Level ($25,000 or higher annual gift)

Daniel J. Boyce, Esq. ’79 and Shelley L. Boyce
John A. ’73 and Donna M. DePeters
Michael E. ’82 and Christine Haefner
Thomas ’69 and Elizabeth A. Kubiak
Michael F. Moran, Esq. '80 and Karen Moran
Victor E. ’66† and Eileen T. Salerno

Presidents Level ($10,000-$24,999 annual gift)

Dr. Louis C. Attinasi ’67
Ronald D. ’88 and Jessica Billitier
Thomas G. ’71 and Sandra C. Bowles
Catherine D’Amico ‘78
Martin L. Keating ’75 and Jake Latchman
Mark Lobene ’76 and Judith Modrak
Monroe Roadways, Inc.
Diana L. and Angelo V. Nole
Michael A. ’78 and Pamela J. O’Conor
Dr. Gerard J. and Susan D. Rooney
Matthew Rowe ’90
Joseph R. ’78 and Karen Rulison
Andrew J. Sciarabba ’65
Fr. George Smith, CSB
Michael F. Stapleton '98
Tompkins Community Bank
Britt and Lisa Vitalone '91 
Jon M. ’84 and Heather ’85 Williams

Scholars Level ($5,000-$9,999 annual gift)

Martin K. and Jill Birmingham
Dr. Angel N. Boev and Dr. Christine A. Boev
Daniel J. and Denise Burns
George F. Davin ’66 
Gregory J. and Pamela M. Duffy
M. Kevin ’70 and Margaret Dugan
Robert A. Healy
Will Hinkston, Jr. ’77
Frank B. Iacovangelo, Esq. ’62 and Jean Iacovangelo
James E. Keenan ’59
Nixon Peabody LLP
Billy ’05 and Dr. Alyssa O’Grady
Rebecca J. Pelino ’86
William J. ’80 and Tracy L. Pellicano
Dominic C. ’60 and June H. ’85 Piazza
John R. ’95 and Dawn A. Piccirilli
David '83 and Robin Pritchard
Peter J. Ruffner ’77
Ferdinand J. Smith III and Elaine Smith
Nancy M. Solliday ’86
Chip Travis ’90
Valerie A. Polisseni Wilcox
Dr. Joseph ’77 and Mrs. Jane Vacca
Paul Weykamp, Esq. ’80
James J. Wohlrab ’56

Pioneers Level ($2,500-$4,999 annual gift)

John H. '71 and Carol '74 Almeter
Leslie S. and John P. Barden ’83
Dr. David S. Bevilacqua ’73
Chris and Julie Biehn
Dr. Christine R. Birnie and George D. Jegadesh ’14 (MBA)
David ’95 and Kim D. Boni
Christopher J. Brunner
Janice Campbell-Loss ’92
William G. '78 and Shirl R. '94 Clark
Mark E. Cleary ’81
Amy M. Cohen, Esq. ’96 and Robert A. Cohen, Esq.
Christopher E. Curtin, Esq. ’95 and Meghan Burke Curtin ’96
Dr. Colleen Dwyer Donegan and Patrick Donegan
Edward P. Finnerty, Esq. ’73
Dusty '78 and Cathie Fischer
Molly Galloway ’89
David ’60 and Linda Glossner
Dr. Clark J. Godshall ’76
William and Rhonda Goodrich
Michael C. and Judith M. Goonan ’75
Michael R. Grosodonia, Esq. ’74 and Joanna M. Grosodonia
Peter J. Hersha, Esq. '78 and Robin B. Hersha
John ’69 and Patricia Heveron
Timothy J. '70 and Pamela Hines
Leo ’55 and Cynthia Kesselring
Dr. James J. Kinnally '71 and Dr. Melissa McGrath
David M. ’94 (MBA) and Tricia Kolczynski
Joseph B. Laino, Esq. ’89 and Susan L. Laino ’91
Gerald E. Madden ’62
Mary Anne Magee ’76
Matthew ’96 and Keri Manning
E. Robert ’68 and Susan W. Moline
Bob ’57 and B.J. O'Brien
Mark S. and Kathleen A. Peterson ’83 
Ronald A. ’79 and Mary K. ’83 Pluta
Philip C. Ponzi ’66
Dr. Kevin and Catherine Railey
Alexander P. Ryan, Esq. ’96 and Amy E. Ryan
Daniel J. ’96 and Chantal Ryan
William G. ’76 and Ivette Shaheen
Clifford ’86 and Barbara Sorel
Jim Stanton ’78
W. James ’05 and Sally-Ann Whelan
Randall M. ’75 and Susan C. White
Thomas E. Wozniak ’69
Philip and Cheryl ’86 Yawman
Michael D. ’96 and Adrienne Zarrillo

Members Level ($1,000-$2,499 annual gift)

Kristina C. ’08, ’17 (M.S.) and Jonathan L. Abbey
Rev. Paul J. Alciati ’73
Patricia Ames, Ph.D. ’83
Ronald L. Ange
Keith E. Ashby ’70 and Patricia A. Baldwin, Esq.
Thomas and Andi E. Balland ’96
Steven W. Barnstead, Esq. ’84 and Susan M. Barnstead
James P. Barone ’76
John R. Barone ’64
Joan and Daniel Benulis
Marcia H. ’77 and Paul D. Berg
Tom P’26 and Kara P’26 Bestpitch
Lisa ’96 and James Bianchi
Anthony ’68 and Marjorie Biondi
Steven P. ’74 and Debra Boscoe
Larry J. Boudens ’58
David Bovenzi ’93, ’06
Andrew ’12 and Kristen Brolsma
David A. Brown ’85
Anne ’81 and Mark Boylan
Dr. Holly Brown
Deborah ’81 and Peter ’85 Bruno
Holli and James Budd
Robert W. Burgdorf, Esq. ’84 and Rosellen J. Burgdorf ’84
James C. Burns ’86
Lauren J. Burns ’82
Alphonse and Michelle A. Camp
Jamie ’14 and Kelly Campagna ’14
Marissa Canori ’11
James E. Carey ’65
John and Amy Carlo
Chris Casson ’96
Nancy E. Catarisano ’83
Donald M. Cerra ’66
Thomas J. Cheney ’72
Anthony Chiaravalloti ’10 
Sam ’08 and Jen ’08, ’12 Chimera
Hugh ’06 and Shara ’05 Chisholm
Elizabeth C. Ciaccio ’83 and David K. Vogt ’82, ’05 (MBA)
William J. ’57 and Judith E. Clair
Kristen M. ’86 and Jeffrey J. Clark
Donna Jo Clarke ‘86
John M. Clifford ’63
David J. ’82 and Donna M. ’81 Cole
Joseph M. Colucci ’80
Daniel and Sarah Connolly
Michael R. Connolly ’94
Greg Constantino ’00 and Stephanie D’Amico-Constantino ’01
Jake and Julie Conway ‘09
Dr. Dianne M. Cooney Miner and Dr. R. Edward Miner
Jose and Karen Coronas
Brian P. ’01 and Melissa L. ’02 Craig
Libby J. ’10 and Michael P. ’10 Craig 
Dr. Caroline A. Critchlow
Lisa ’07 and Thomas Cromey
Michael F. ’84 and Mary Beth Cucinotta
John M. ’68 and Joan D. Dailey
Mark S. Dailey ’80
Rosemary ’85 and James ’88 Darcy           
Michael R. Daum ’08
Gary N. ’66 and Benna M. Denue
Paul J. Derleth ’19
Dina ’91 and Tony ’90 DeSorbo
Maria DiGiambattista-Shafer ’81 and Gerard F. Shafer
Jacqueline S. DiStefano
Anthony J. '96 & Karen M. DiTucci
Connor Dixon-Schwabl ’10
Dr. Marilyn L. Dollinger and The Hon. Richard A. Dollinger
Ed Donnelly ’83 and Tom Schnorr
Dr. Jennifer ’95 and Paul Dotterweich
Thomas S. Doupe P’24
Nathan P. Driscoll ’06
Robert ’74 and Terry Dumas
Raymond Dunlap ’76
Gerald C. ’67 and Susan C. Eckert
Liesa J. Ehrlich ’97
Herb Engert, Jr. ’89
Thomas J. Ennis ‘74
Dr. C. McCollister Evarts
Dr. Ann Marie Fallon
Katie ’05 and Matt Farley
Preston K. Faulkner ’89
Kathryn Festa
Gary M. Fitch, Jr. ’96
Vincent J. Fitzgerald ’72
Peggy FitzGerald Hill ‘84
Maria Elena ’88 and Ralph ’84 Fornuto
Tristan Fuierer ’90 and Colleen L. Reilly
James W. ’56 and Barbara Gallagher
Joseph A. ’76 and Nancy Garbarino
Patricia Gatlin
Annette Gaul, Esq. ’76
Anne R. and Garry Geer
Albert E. Gentle, Jr. ’67
Dena Getzie ’87
Jennifer Gervase-Benson ’94 and Christopher Benson
Mark S. and Lucy M. Gionta ’83
Brock and Amanda '09 Glann
Patrick J. Gordon ’10
Scott Gordon ’08
James G. and Ann J. Gould
James A. ’69 and Patricia Grace
Melissa and Isabella Greco Lopes
Dr. Kris H. and Brenda J. Green
Patrick Greer ’02
James Greule ’69
Christine Grout ’11
James P. Growney ’66
Anthony L. Gugino ’79 and Dr. Earlene Siebold
Patrick Guisto ’89
Dale J. ’74 and Laurine Haefner
John A. Haefner ’58
Robert S. ’74 and Julie A. Haggerty
Melinda S. Hardwick '93 
Mark Harris and Alexandra Salas-Harris
Walter B. D. Hickey, Jr.
Gregory J. Huether, Esq. ’76 and Andrea E. Tomaino, Esq.
Paul Hurley ’83
Dr. James J. Hurny ’11 (Ed.D.)
Leo ’87 and Grace Iacobelli
David ’85, ’87 and Kim ’86 Igoe
Janice Iati Doak ’78
Lisa E. ’94 and Ken Ireland
Donald E. ’74 and Nancy E. Jeffries
Dr. Erica Johnson and Howard Skogman
Matthew T. Jones ’99
Harry Kambanis ’89
Kevin Kamholtz ’70
The Kaucher Family ’05, ’08
David T. and Michelle M. Kelly ’85
Dean R. Kelsey ’81
Norman D. ’96 and Rebecca L. Kieffer ’96 
Mary Ann T. Kiely ’81
Dr. Timothy Kinsella
David A. ’62 and Judy Kinsky
James A. Knauf, Jr. ’65 and Colleen Knauf
Jill R. Knittel ’94, ’03 (MBA)
Dr. David Kunsch
Jeffrey A. ’92 and Christine Kyles
Matthew C. ’03 and Jennifer E. ’02, ’10 (M.S.) Lake
Robert J. Lang ’83
John J. ’87 and Dyan ’88 Latini
Julia A. Lauria ’12
Jane B. Lavery and John R. Newhall
Collin Alexander Lafayette ’15
Stacy and Kevin Ledermann
Jeffrey N. Leenhouts ’11, P’24
Galen R. Lewis, Esq. ’02 and Meaghan Sanders
Todd ’94 and Autumn Lexer
John Conroy Libous '86 and Bill Hendee 
Colleen S. ’90 and Brian N. Lynch
Edward J. ’56 and Kathleen L. Lynd
John C. ’62 and Judith Lynd
Francis R. Madia ’82
John F. '81 and Michelle A. '83 Magee
Richard D. ’82 and Helen J. Mallory
Richard P. Mangan ’59
Fr. Kevin Mannara, CSB
Joellen Maples
Timothy W. Marion ’09
Brian ’01 and Dana ’07 Mayeu
Taylor McCabe ’14
Dr. David J. McCaffrey III and Suzanne McCaffrey
Jim and Mary McCarthy
David C. ’81 and Heather B. McCullough
Mary M. McGowan
Richard W. McGrath ’75
Joseph D. ’66 and Jacqueline McGuire
John M. and Mary Martha McKenna
Annalisa '86 and Andrew Mena 
Darcie Mersereau
Peter A. ’75 and Elizabeth K. Messner
Anthony Monaco, Esq. ’83
Paul Montanarella, M.D. ’79 and Cindy Montanarella
Elizabeth S. Moore ‘04
Patrick T. ’71 and Molly Morphy
Steven A Moscaritolo ’08
Ruth C. Mothorpe ’88
Rev. Thomas P. Mull ’71
Elizabeth Mullin-DiProsa and Francis A. DiProsa ’63
The Murphy Family
Jennifer J. Nackley, Esq. ’86
Angela and David Nagel
Sharon D. Napier ’81
Donald ’71 and Nancy Nash
Marcie ’94 and John Nicastro
Matthew ’95 and Marcella ’95 Oathout 
The Hon. Robert P. O’Leary ’75 
Susan M. ’94, ’04 (M.S.) and Kenneth Osborn
Daniel H. Overbeck, Esq. ’71 and Julie Overbeck
James A. Palmer ’70
John F. ’80 and Janet M. Palmisano
Martin F. Palumbos ’69 and Maureen Palumbos
Ralph L. and Shawna M. Papale P’23 
Anthony Pariso ’81
Mark R. Parsons, OD ’10
James C. Paul ’62
Dr. Deborah L. Pearce ’13 and Dr. William J. Sheeran
Nelson N. Jr., ’72 and Joanne Peck
The Hon. Mark W. Pedersen and Jane L. Pedersen, Esq. P’23
Joseph G. Pelych ’10, ’12 (MBA)
Jose J. ’95 and Kelly A. Perales
Richard J. ’96 and Marilyn A. Perrin
Jacqueline Dansler Peterson ’75 and Daryl K. Peterson ’74
Joseph R. Petralia ’09
Phil ’10 and Ali ’12 Pettinella 
Angelo J. ’73 and Colleen R. Piccone
Elizabeth G. ’85 and William P. ’83 Pinti
Michael J. ’79 and Ann Plunkett
Donald A. ’72 and Sheila M. Preston
Sam Puglia ’78
Michael R. ’85 and Tammy Pulver
Laurie B. Quackenbush Roney ’08
John ’10 and Alison Quartironi
Daniel Quinn ’71
Anna Ratka
Russell E. Reynolds and Terry L. ’09 Reynolds
Anne D. Riley, Esq. ’80 and Timothy M. Riley ’80
Judson A. Rockcastle ‘74
David ’86 and Maria ’89 Rodas
Delvena ’92 and Robert Rogers
Frederick J. Romano, Jr. ’67
Arnie ’79 and Lisa Roese
Morgan C. Rulison ‘11
Sean P. Ryan ’95
Tierney ’13, ’17 and Luke ’17 Sanna
Daniel ’68 and Mary R. Saperstone
Joe and Maherly ’98 Schaeffer
Daniel M. ’96 and Carmelanne F. ’97 Schmitz
Gary J. Scott ’69
Frank D. Sementino ’65
Raymond and Suzanne Shady
Kathleen M. and Kelly M. Shea
Veronica L. Sheehan ’88
J. Michael Sheridan ’72
Rick Shibel ’82 and Robin DeWind ’85
Matt ’84 and Sally Shue
Steven R. ’93 and Alison H. Simpson ’93 
John A. Sinclair ’96
Stacy S. and Elizabeth Slocum
Stuart and Wylie Small
Drs. Joy and Jim Snyder
Mark R. Stehm ‘74
Jason Stoler
Peter J. ’05 and Ashley N. ’06 Stoller
Clare Stortini ’95
Kim ’86 and Ray ’85 Sullivan
James J. Swartz ’70
Dr. Mark J. Szarejko ’80 and Donna Szarejko
Basilian Fathers at Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
Teah M. Terrance
Dr. Daniel D. Tessoni ’69 and Martha L. Tessoni
Dr. Matha E. Thornton and Dr. Sara Hirst
Kate and Tibor Torok
William C. Troy ’69
Dr. Thomas Tyson
Dr. Carolyn S. Vacca and Paul J. ’73 Vacca, Jr., Esq.
James ’83 and Mary Jo ’89 Valenti
Scott ’03 and Kate VanAlst
Tom Wahl, Jr. ’78
Eugene P. Walz, Ph.D. ’64
Kathleen R. Whelehan
Robert (Chip) and Pamela White ’90
David A. ’97 and Jessica Will
Prof. Karl G. Williams ’19 (MBA) and Dr. Cheryl A. Williams
Dr. Michael W. and Barbara Wischnowski
Carol and Michael Wittmeyer
Donna L. Young ’76
Dr. Fang Zhao

Associates Level ($500-$999 annual gift, graduates of the last decade)

Tyler Ahearn ’21
Jonathan Alongi ’12
Andre Bliss ’10, ’12 and Nathalia Martinez Bliss ’09
Joseph M. ’14 and Emily A. Bowman
Timothy Crumley ’13
Karl Deuble ’17
Samantha DiPerna'19
Greg Duffy ’13
Trey D. George ’11
Taylor Hughes ’14
Kyle R. Ingalls ’10
Brandon Knickbocker ’16 
Charlie Knittle ’06 ’13 (MBA)
Thomas R. Kukuk ’13 and Megan Maffett Kukuk
Odeta Kushi ’13
Collin Alexander Lafayette ’15
Anthony G. Lee ’17
Erin Loftus ’19
Jessica Lynch ’12 (Pharm.D.)
Garrett Macdonald ’14, ’16
Dr. Heather McGrane Minton ’09 and Mr. Thomas Minton
Molly ’19 and Ian Place ’19
Elizabeth M. ’13, ’18 (M.S) and Michael Rizzolo
Anneliese Schmitz ‘24
Erica Schultz ’20
Dr. Aaron Spacher ’13 and Kari Garbarino ’08
Cooper Swartwout ’22
Matthew Thibodeau ’13
Danielle Valerino ’08
Jeff Wester ’14
John Whelehan ’12
MacGregor G. Winegard ’22