Executive Internship Positions

Positions are available in the Office of the President, Division of Institutional Advancement, Division of Enrollment Management, Division of Student Affairs, Division of Financial Affairs, Office of Marketing and Communications, Office of the Provost, and Intercollegiate Athletics.

Office of the President

Students engaged in the Executive Internship Program at Fisher.

The intern in the Office of the President will accompany the president to internal and external meetings and events as appropriate to gain a deeper understanding of his role and responsibilities. The intern will assist the president in creating additional opportunities to further his connection with the student body and campus life. Lastly, they will work to further develop and define the goals of the Executive Internship Program and manage other interns within the program.

Supervisor: Dr. Gerard J. Rooney, President

Division of Institutional Advancement

The intern in the Division of Institutional Advancement will work with the VP of Institutional Advancement to develop new ideas in collaboration with the entire Advancement team to encourage the engagement of current students with alumni. They will lead a project focused on engaging targeted groups of alumni, conduct market research, benchmark best practices and meet with donors/alumni. To further understand the role of Institutional Advancement, the intern will attend internal and external meetings.

Supervisor: Chris Biehn, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Division of Enrollment Management

The Intern in the Division of Enrollment Management will have the opportunity to be involved with all departments within the division: first-year admissions, institutional research, intercollegiate athletics, registrar’s office, student financial services, and transfer and graduate admissions. The intern will gain a better understanding of recruitment practices and the process of enrolling students and the impact of enrollment on the University. Within the role, the intern will work on projects that align with their interests across the departments of enrollment management, such as working on projects with admissions offices or projects within the office of student financial services.

Supervisor: Jose Perales, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Division of Student Affairs

The intern in the Division of Student Affairs will work with all departments, including Student Engagement & Inclusion, Residential Life, Multicultural Affairs, Health and Wellness, Title XI, Student Conduct, and Safety and Security. The intern will work directly with the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students and will attend meetings and University events, learn about the different areas within the division, and gain additional insights into the student body. The intern will also have an opportunity to focus on specific projects depending on their interests and divisional strategic initiatives.

Supervisor: Dr. Matha Thornton, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Division of Financial Affairs

The intern in the Division of Financial Affairs will shadow the CFO in Direct Reporting, Campus Master Planning, and other meetings to gain an understanding of the internal and external working of the financial divisions, including human resources, facilities, the business office, and OIT. Within the role, the intern will primarily engage in institutional-level activities related to financial management, audit, endowment, and finance and facilities.

Interim Supervisor: Hezekiah Simmons, Interim Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Office of Marketing and Communications

The intern in Marketing and Communications will gain a better understanding of the inner workings of the marketing department, its relationship with local agencies, and its role in the University as a whole. The intern will be required to write professionally, including brochures and website copy, press releases, and media alerts. The intern will also be required to take videos and photos at campus events and assist in creating content for social media.

Supervisor: Kate M. Torok, Director of Marketing and Communications

Office of the Provost

The intern in the Office of the Provost will work with the Associate Provost to gain an understanding of the Division of Academic Affairs and will work with all areas including but not limited to, Career Services, Academic Student Support, Schools of the University, Civic and Community Engagement, and Study Abroad. Within the role, the intern will assist with campus-wide initiatives such as the strategic plan and student academic success initiatives.

Supervisor: Dr. Eileen Lynd-Balta, Associate Provost and Professor

Intercollegiate Athletics

The intern in the Intercollegiate Athletics Department of Enrollment Management will engage with the daily operations and leadership of the department, including the Director of Athletics and the leadership team. Areas of focus will include, but will not be limited to NCAA Compliance, sports information, athletic training, game-day operations, and equipment management and facilities. The intern will gain a better understanding of the internal and external workings of athletics and how various facets of the department collaborate and contribute to Enrollment Management.

Supervisor: Bob Ward, Athletics Director