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Courses with a Community-Engaged Learning Component - Spring 2021

Courses with a community-engaged learning component can be found across all academic disciplines at Fisher. Some courses may fulfill requirements of the Core Curriculum, while others may count toward major or minor requirements.

Below are courses with a community-engaged learning component.

Arts and Sciences

AMST 2370 – Race, Gender, and Social Change – Jenna Rossi
Students will research and provide a resource of videos on diversity-equity-inequality topics for trainings offered by National Coalition Building Initiative of Rochester.

BIOL 101 – Environmental Issues – Michael Boller
Students will collaborate with GreenVision and research models for enhancing sustainability practices of newly purchased property and urban gardens.

BIOL 1110 – Studying Nature - Ginny Maier
Students will organize and analyze data on garden harvests for St. Mark's & St. John's E.D.E.N gardens and food distribution program for future decision-making.

CHEM 316 – Analytical Chemistry Lab - Irene Kimaru
Students will assess the level of toxins in the Goodman Plaza site adjacent to neighborhood properties, a previous industrial waste dump.

COMM 468 – Advanced Web and Mobile – Jeremy Sarachan
Students will conduct user research and apply design principles to the creation of a website for St. Mark's & St. John's, 540 West Main, HIS Branches, and Rochester Ecology Partners.

CSCI 475 – Computer Science Senior Project – Liz Leboff (optional)
Students can create a database to track participants and report on outcomes for a community client including National Coalition Building Institute of Rochester and Life Results.

ENGL 356 – Editing and Publishing - Jim Bowman
Students will create brochures to support education and fund raising for St. Mark's & St. John's, Rochester Education Foundation, Recovery Housing of Rochester, and Water for South Sudan.

GPBH 507 – Social and Preventative Health - Marta Rodriguez
Students will gather data and research the social determinants of health to support education and program initiatives for HIS Branches and Ibero American Action League.

HIST 2101 – Perspectives on War – Carolyn Vacca and Frederick Dotolo
Students will engage in the exploration of texts, film, and games on WWI and others as preparation for dialogues on duty, patriotism, and loyalty with area veterans from a variety of senior living communities as well as other organizations providing veteran services.

PSYC 227 01 & 02 – Child & Adolescent Development - Jessica Robinson (optional)
Students will run the Seeds of Success program at RCSD #35 and apply understanding of child development through a resiliency and social-emotional learning curriculum.

PHIL 230D – Philosophy of Education - Jane Snyder (optional)
Students will apply educational philosophy to Junior Achievement financial literacy training, Seeds of Success resiliency education, and Valley Manor discussion group on COVID-19.

SUST 490 – Sustainability Experience - Mike Boller
Students will implement independently developed research and curriculum to enhance sustainability locally and regionally with non-profit partners including Seneca Park Zoo Society, GoodWill, St. Mark's & St. John's, Genesee River Watch, and World of Inquiry urban gardens.

WGST 1140 – The Nature of Humanity – Ginny Maier
Students will conduct participatory action research on historical definitions of race and relationship to economic opportunities and present at 540 West Main-sponsored conference.


MKGT 325 01 & 02 – Promotion Management – Ron Sicker
Students will develop a promotion plan to address operating needs for community clients including Elevate Rochester, Smith Lumber, St. Michael’s Church, RMSC Early Childhood programs, and Rochester Ecology Partners.

GMGT 694 – Capstone Experience – Derek Vanderlinde
Students will address the unique needs of community clients related to strategy, marketing, human resources, and finances for the Small Matters Give the Gift of Nature program.


EDUC 471 01 & 02 – Management in Inclusive, Collaborative Classroom Communities – Susie Hildenbrand & Katrina Arndt
Students will research and present strategies and resource materials for parents of children with exceptional needs through a partnership with Starbridge.

EDUC 226 – Foundations of Language and Literacy – Sue Schultz
Students will create adaptive books and curriculum to support literacy development in partnership with Mary Cariola Children’s Center and RMSC pre-school program.


PHAR 5501/ITDY 310 – Introduction to Medical Missions – Christine Birnie
Students will create promotion and education materials on vaccinations for Mary's Place, St. Joseph's Neighborhood, and InterVol.