Courses with a Community-Engaged Learning Component - Spring 2023

Courses with a community-engaged learning component can be found across all academic disciplines at Fisher. Some courses may fulfill requirements of the Core Curriculum, while others may count toward major or minor requirements.

Below are courses with a community-engaged learning component.

Arts and Sciences

  • AFAM 2101: Race Equity: Talk to Action – Kara Massar
    Students will bring attention to issues of race equity and the women profiled in the Rochester Museum and Science Center’s Changemakers exhibit through curricular materials and media.
  • CHEM 316: Analytical Chem. Lab - Kimberly Chichester
    Students will provide soil analysis, test for the presence of lead, and develop recommendations for safe gardening for Lock 66 Monroe Ave. Neighborhood and Wide Water Garden.
  • CHEM 2417: The Ethical Chemist - Kimberly Chichester and Linda MacCammon
    Students will apply ethical reasoning and decision-making in chemistry to a collaborative soil analysis projects, and will report on healthy practices for Lock 66 Monroe Ave. Neighborhood.
  • COMM 2175: It Happened Here – Arien Rozelle
    Students will research, plan, implement and evaluate a campaign that highlights Rochester’s civil rights and social justice history, in partnership with a local PR firm or tourism agency.
  • CORE 4990: Cardinal Experience/The Way/Working with Veterans - Frederick Dotolo
    Students will recreate the benefits of the Camino de Santiago in a local walking experience partnering with local vets through Heel to Heel/Sole to Soul and Rochester VA Clinic.
  • CORE 4990: Cardinal Experience/Making Positive Organizational Change - Tim Franz
    Students will partner with the YMCA of Greater Rochester and conduct an organizational assessment, propose changes, implement an online training, and evaluate results.
  • CRIM 308: Women and Crime - Leah Shon (optional)
    Students will support wellness and life skill development through weekly sessions and educational materials with formerly incarcerated women at Spiritus Christi Prison Outreach Jennifer’s House.
  • ENG 2121: Bridges Across Divides - Fionnuala Regan
    Students will apply the legacies of Frederick Douglas, a reformer, orator, and writer, to the creation of online educational materials and curriculum for RMSC’s Changemakers project.
  • ENG 3990: Advanced Research-Based Writing - Sharon Delmendo
    Students will use inquiry-based methods to research and report on urban gardening and sustainability in public spaces for St. John Fisher and St. Mark’s St. John’s E.D.E.N gardens.
  • GPH 507: Social and Preventative Health - Marta Rodriguez
    Students will engage in research on the impact of social disparities and social determinants of health on rising mental health rates for the Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative.
  • HNRS 2548: Conflict and Communication- Jim Bowman
    Students will contribute materials for a new employee mentoring program for the City of Rochester’s Human Resources division on interpersonal skills and conflict resolution.
  • SPN 236: Conversational Spanish for Health II - Francisco Plata
    Students will lead book reading and conversations with Spanish-speaking 1st and 2nd grade students focused on healthy living in partnership with Rochester City School District #35.
  • LSPN : Spanish for Business II – Luisa Cordaro-Mammano
    Students will provide instruction on financial literacy and entrepreneurship to Spanish-speaking 3rd and 4th grade students at RCSD #35 using the Junior Achievement curriculum.

  • PSYCH Child and Adolescent Development – Jessica Robinson
    Students will apply child development principles to teach resilience to students using the Seeds of Success resiliency program at Nazareth Academy 2nd and 3rd grade students.
  • POSC 211: Introduction to Public Policy – John Price
    Students will apply principles of public policy research and analysis focusing on environmental sustainability to a community partner non-profit.
  • PUBH 410: Community Health Service-Learning – Terence Gipson
    Students will use principles of Public Health methods, asset mapping, data collection, and analysis for a health education or delivery non-profit including Foodlink and WellVentions.
  • SUST 490: Sustainability Experience - Mike Boller
    Students will implement independently developed research, curriculum, and program development to enhance sustainability locally and regionally with non-profit partners.


  • EDUC 471 01 & 02: Mngt. in Inclusive, Collab. Classroom Comm. – Whitney Rapp & Katrina Arndt
    Students will research and present on parent-identified life skills and growth opportunities for children with exceptional needs through a partnership with Starbridge.
  • EDUC 226: Foundations of Language and Literacy – Kathleen Broikou
    Students will apply language acquisition and literacy analysis to the development of enrichment
    materials including adaptive books for children enrolled in Mary Cariola Children’s Center.


  • MKGT 325 01 & 02: Promotion Management – Ron Sicker
    Students will develop a promotion plan to address operating needs considering target markets with a partner non-profit including R Community Bikes and Hub 585/Voices of Hope.
  • MGMT486 01: Topics in Management: Consulting - Derek Vanderlinde
    Using consulting skills such as project management and group leadership, students will research and develop materials on employee mentoring for a new program for the City of Rochester.
  • MGMT 203 01, 02 & 03: Legal Environment for Business - David Kunsch
    Students will apply principles of business law to structuring a legal entity for the establishment of a
    19th Amendment Women's Emporium & Creative Learning Institute.


  • NURS 312 01, 02, & 03: Palliative and End-of-Life Care – Jacqueline Coates & Joy Hogan
    Students will provide caregiving support and end of life care research to partners such as Advent House, Leo Center for Caring, Shepard Home, Isaiah House, and Aurora House.
  • NURS 429 01, 02 & 03: Population Health/Community Nursing – Liz Dollinger & Joy Hogan
    Students will apply social determinants of community health principles to health promotion, education, or research with Nativity Preparatory Academy and St. Ann’s of Cherry Ridge


  • PHARM 5501/ITDY 310: Introduction to Medical Missions – Christine Birnie
    Students will engage in a medical mission trip overseas or a local health care project with St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center and Mary’s Place.