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Courses with a Community-Engaged Learning Component - Spring 2021

Courses with a community-engaged learning component can be found across all academic disciplines at Fisher. Some courses may fulfill requirements of the Core Curriculum, while others may count toward major or minor requirements.

Below are courses with a community-engaged learning component.

Arts and Sciences

AFAM 2101: Race Equity – Kiara Massar (optional)
Students will bring attention to issues of race equity and Rochester Museum and Science Center’s exhibit The Changemakers through new curricular materials and media.     

BIOL 108 01, 02, 03: Foundations of Nutrition – Jonathan Falanga (optional)
Students will assist with Foodlink’s Curbside Market program with food distribution and education through contribution of recipes and nutrition information. 

CHEM 315: Analytical Chem. Lab – Irene Kimaru
Students will conduct water quality analysis to obtain data on lead, phosphorus, and pollutants within local water bodies through a partnership with the Department of Environmental Services.   

CHEM 1077 LC Chemistry of Love - Kim Chichester
Students will facilitate class-based discussions and interviews with seniors from St. John’s Meadows about 30+ year relationships and the 7 types of love such as Friendship, Agape, Self, and Romantic.

COMM 363: Media Research and Analytics – Jeremy Sarachan   
Students will create surveys, conduct focus groups, and study social networks with non-profits, including Climate Solutions Accelerator. Additionally, students will conduct usability testing on websites and earn Google Analytics Certification.       

CORE 4990: Cardinal Experience - Randall Krieg
Students will research models of social responsibility and sustainability and create toolkits in partnership with The Gandhi Institute. 

CORE 4990: Cardinal Experience - Sebastien Lazardeux
Student teams will conduct research on issue of white supremacy, hate groups, and discrimination from the perspectives of their majors in partnership with The Levine Center to End Hate.

CORE 4990: Cardinal Experience – Marta Rodriguez-Galan
Student teams will research issues related to technology, transition, and aging in partnership with Episcopal Senior Living Communities Valley Manor.

ECON 360: Environmental Economics - Clair Smith 
Students will research the economic impact of naturalizing urban lots with trees and composting food waste at the Rochester Public Market with Taproot Collective. With City Roots Community Land Trust, students will analyze the barriers of home energy savings programs like NYSERTA.

ENGL 2102: Community-Based Writing – Jim Bowman
Students will engage in oral history with Episcopal Senior Living Valley Manor. They will also create a curriculum guide and promotional materials for Hub 585’s Voice of Hope project to support the creation of short stories by young authors and the sale of those stories.   

ENG 355: Professional Writing – Jim Bowman
Students will engage in grant writing and professional publication creation for partners including the independent news magazine The Rochester Beacon.

GPBH 515: Public Health Planning & Evaluation - Terence Gipson 
Students will gather and analyze data on the impact of a youth entrepreneurship and social-emotional literacy program run by WellVentions/Prosper Rochester.

ITDY 2150: Resilient Children, Engaged Communities – Lynn Donahue 
Students will teach social-emotional learning and resilience through Seeds of Success in partnership with Nazareth Academy, Nativity Preparatory Academy, and RCSD School No. 35.

ITDY 2385: Culture and Inclusion – Fernan Cepero 
Students will implement an organizational diversity and equity assessment and provide an analysis for next steps with 13Thirty Cancer Connect and St. Joseph’s Neighbored Center. 

POSC 212: Legal Research – Jane Snyder
Students will engage in research on cases of family interpreters and privacy and zombie home ownership, rehabilitation, and resale programs in partnership with Empire Justice and LawNY. 

PSYCH 227: Child and Adolescent Dev. - Jessica Robinson (optional)
Students will apply child development principles to teach resilience to students using the Seeds of Success resiliency program at RCSD School No. 35 and/or Nativity Preparatory Academy.

SPST 260: Sport & Recreation Management – Jeffrey Nutting 
Students will develop informational materials and propose new programming for Rochester Ecology Partners to support the 23 parks in 2023 program and family engagement with nature.


FINA 218: Personal Financial Management – John Howe (optional)
Students will run Junior Achievement Personal Finance modules in partnership with Nativity Preparatory Academy Enrichment program to enhance financial literacy. 

MKGT 325 01 & 02:  Promotion Management – Ron Sicker
Students will develop a promotion plan to address operating needs and “creatives” to promote a product or service for St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center, Foodlink’s Community Health program, Life Results, and Greenvison youth entrepreneurship program’s products.


EDUC 471: Mngt. in Inclusive, Collaborative Classroom Communities – Whitney Rapp 
Students will research and present topics of need for parents of children with exceptional needs through a partnership with Starbridge.

EDUC 226:  Foundations of Language and Literacy – Sue Schultz 
Students will develop adaptive book enhancements for children at Mary Cariola Center.


NURS 312: Palliative and End-of-Life Care – Jacqueline Coates
Students will provide service projects end of life care research to comfort care partners such as Advent House, Leo Center for Caring, & Shepard Home.

NURS 429: Population Health/Community Nursing – Sheila Rogers
Students will provide health and wellness literacy and capacity building research for Nativity Preparatory Academy.


PHAR-5523 Vaccinology: Design Development - Ramil Sapinoro
Students will provide educational literature and a vaccine health fair to a food distribution program at St. Mark’s & St. John’s.