Faculty Support for Community-Engaged Learning

The following resources and support are available to faculty interested in integrating community-engaged learning into new or existing courses at Fisher.

Community-Engaged Learning Resources for Faculty

Visit Fisher's official website for community-engaged learning resources to learn about getting started with CEL, resources for course development, tools and scholarship, and more.

Faculty Fellow Stipend

Stipends for course development are available depending n factors like the newness of the course, community partners, and the number of faculty who have applied.

Community Partners

Jane Snyder can facilitate the development of community partners, the creation of projects, and the development of a work plan and timeline in collaboration with the partner and course instructor. The instructor will then maintain communication with their partner during the semester. Partners can be developed on your own if they meet the community-engaged learning criteria.

Course Development

Jane Snyder can provide consultation on creating service projects, modifying syllabus, and developing reflection exercises, assignments, and assessments. Mid-point and post-semester consultations are available.

Faculty Training

One three-hour training seminar before the participating semester is provided and is required for stipend recipients and is optional, but suggested, for all others. Mid-semester workshops are often provided on topics of interest to faculty.

In-Class Orientation

An Introduction to Community-Engaged Learning PowerPoint should be shown to all students to orient them to definitions, expectations, and safety at the beginning of the semester. If requested, in-class student orientation can be provided by Jane Snyder.


Sample books, example syllabi, tools, pedagogy, and assessment strategies, and community partner literature are available for "check-out" from Library 104.


Assessment support of course outcomes through Student, Faculty, and Community Impact Assessments is available. A Qualtrics online Faculty and Community Partner Impact Assessment will be distributed after the semester. Results will be shared with participating faculty upon request.

Promotion and Recognition

All community-engaged learning courses are given a special attribute on the registration page for searching. Civic Engagement Awards and year-end celebration recognizes the accomplishments of students, faculty, and community partners through civic engagement.

Documents and Resources for Faculty

How-to Manual and Presentations

Funds and Applications

Other Resources