Inclusive Childhood Education Faculty

Fisher faculty are dedicated, highly credentialed professionals who consistently make the advancement of scholarship in their respective fields a top priority.

Areas of Interest: Supporting students with disabilities in inclusive settings, including students who are deaf-blind, and critical analyses of text and film representations of disability.
Office:RCW 109
Phone:(585) 385-7215
Katrina Arndt
Associate Professor and Interim Undergraduate and Graduate Chair, Inclusive Education Program
Office:RCW 205E
Phone:(585) 385-8112
Associate Professor
Office:RCW 111
Phone:(585) 385-7250
Kristen Driskill
Associate Professor
Office:RCW 110
Phone:(585) 385-8114
Visiting Instructor of Secondary English
Office:RCW 113
Phone:(585) 385-8078
Associate Professor
Office:RWILSN 203
Phone:(585) 385-7297
Susan Hildenbrand
Assistant Professor
Office:RCW 112
Phone:(585) 385-8364
Chinwe Ikpeze
Associate Professor
Office:RCW 210
Phone:(585) 385-5264
Jeff Liles
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, School of Education
Office:RCW School of Education 205B
Phone:(585) 899-3718
Whitney Rapp
Associate Professor
Office:RCW 213
Phone:(585) 385-7290
Linda Schlosser
Office:RCW 205B
Phone:(585) 385-7296
Susan Schultz