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Pharmacy students in white coats in front of Wegmans School of Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Early Assurance Program

Fisher offers incoming first-year students who enter the University directly from high school an opportunity to participate in the Pharmacy Early Assurance Program (PHEA).

After a minimum of two years of pre-pharmacy coursework, students selected for this program have the opportunity to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree at the Wegmans School of Pharmacy, provided they meet the following criteria.


To be eligible for this program, prospective students must:

  • Qualify for admission to St. John Fisher University.
  • Select pre-pharmacy studies in addition to an academic major on their application to the University.

Students in the PHEA Program will be eligible to matriculate (after a minimum of two-years of pre-pharmacy coursework) into the Doctor of Pharmacy Program by doing all of the following:

  • Successfully complete the required 62 prerequisite credits in the pre-professional curriculum. Once enrolled at the University, all outstanding natural science courses and their associated laboratories must be completed at Fisher unless otherwise approved by the associate dean of student affairs of the Wegmans School of Pharmacy. AP credit will only be allowed for fulfillment of non-science prerequisite courses; however, dual-enrollment credit may be used to satisfy any prerequisite course.
  • Complete all prerequisite coursework with a grade equal to or greater than C.
  • Earn a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and 3.0 science-only GPA by the end of each of the second, third, and fourth semesters (spring of first year, fall and spring of second year).  All courses are included in these GPA calculations, including college courses completed outside of St. John Fisher University.
  • Successfully complete both the Pharmacy Seminar I and Pharmacy Seminar II courses during the first year.
  • Submit an online application to PharmCAS (Pharmacy College Application Service) no later than March 1 of the year that the student plans to enroll in the Wegmans School of Pharmacy.
  • Complete a mandatory interview with Wegmans School of Pharmacy faculty and/or staff resulting in a recommendation of admission.

Students in the PHEA Program who do not meet the above criteria are still eligible to apply for admission to the Wegmans School of Pharmacy through PharmCAS provided they complete the prerequisite courses, achieve minimum cumulative and science-only grade point averages of 2.75, and submit all required application materials to PharmCAS by June 1 of the intended year of entry.

Selected students will be notified of their admission to the program at the time of their acceptance.  If you would like more information, call the Office of Admissions at (585) 385-8064 or email us at