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Preferred First Name Policy

St. John Fisher University students, faculty, and staff may choose to identify themselves within the University with a Preferred First Name (PFN) that differs from their legal name.

A preferred name will appear instead of the person’s legal name in University systems and documents (i.e. class roster, Fisher ID) except where the use of the legal name is required by a University policy, business or legal need (i.e. financial aid records, transcripts, health records, IRS forms, W-2, I-9, social security forms).

The Registrar’s Office (students) or Human Resources (faculty/staff) will review and approve preferred first name requests and reserve the right to reject any requests that may be viewed as an attempt at misrepresentation, fraud, or is interpreted as offensive. All requests are limited to alphabetical characters.

Students who change their preferred first name after the first day of the semester must notify professors and teaching assistants of the change to preferred name. The University will not notify when students have provided or changed a preferred name.

Anyone who wishes to designate a PFN must read, complete, and submit the Preferred First Name Request Form (below).

To change your legal name, please contact the Registrar’s Office (students) or Human Resources (faculty/staff). To view the Legal Name Change Policy, please reference Fish 'R' Net under Personal Information.

Student Preferred First Name Request Form

Note: A Faculty/Staff Preferred First Name Form is coming soon. Please contact Human Resources to process requests manually in the interim.