Rank and Tenure Toolkit

The Rank and Tenure Learning Community Toolkit is an informal resource prepared by the Rank and Tenure Committee.

As a condition of using the toolkit, the participant understands and agrees that the toolkit is an informal resource, and nothing herein can be used to form a legal basis for conferring tenure or other employment benefits. Tenure and employment decisions are in all respects fully controlled by the University's Faculty Statutes and other formally adopted laws, rules, regulations, and University policies.

The toolkit is a resource for anyone involved in the tenure and promotion process - including candidates, faculty involved in the departmental review, department chairs, program directors, and school deans.

The Faculty Statutes Starting 2021 [pdf] serve as the official documentation of the policies, processes, and practices of the University. The Faculty Statutes define all aspects of faculty governance, including the tenure and promotion process. This toolkit is aligned with the Faculty Statutes and provides guiding questions and practical advice to consider when preparing and reviewing a dossier.

The toolkit is available to all faculty, administrators, and librarians through Brightspace.