Criteria for Tenure Evaluation

Candidates up for tenure are reviewed on four criteria: teaching effectiveness, academic advising, scholarship, and service.

Teaching Effectiveness

According to the Faculty Statutes (section 3.9.6) which references the University mission statement, "The major commitment of the faculty of St. John Fisher University is excellence in teaching, with an emphasis on close interaction with students.”

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Academic Advising

Academic advising is one area in which candidates for rank and tenure must demonstrate effectiveness. The statutory guidelines for academic advising are articulated in section of the Faculty Statutes.

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The faculty statutes define scholarship as "a concrete demonstration or evidence of authority or expertise in one's academic field or discipline as adjudged through peer review" (section

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With service a faculty member is expected to contribute to the collegial functioning of the University, school, and home department. Service provides an opportunity to be a "good citizen" and participate in the shared governance of the University, which is a right and a responsibility of each faculty member.

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