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Event Scheduling Policies

The following policies have been adopted to facilitate the best possible use of facilities. Should exceptions to these policies be required, please contact the reservations coordinator at

  • All details of a reservation must be completed on a Facilities Request Application form before any space or equipment will be committed. A reservation is completed only after it has been confirmed by the Reservations Department.
  • A minimum advance notice of two working days is needed for most reservations.
  • Any reservations requiring audio/visual or food services must be completed 10 full working days in advance.
  • All food and beverage orders must be catered by Dining Services, unless otherwise approved. Exceptions must be cleared by the general manager of Dining Services.
  • Organizations/individuals must cancel a reserved space that will not be used at least 24 hours in advance.
  • All scheduled events must end at least one half-hour before the building closes in order to permit clean-up by the sponsoring organization.
  • The distribution of leaflets, handbills, samples, and other types of materials may take place only in a reserved area. When the distribution is over, the organization/individual is responsible for picking up any of the materials on the floors throughout the room or building.
  • It may be necessary to relocate a function in order to best use the facilities available. If this is necessary, all parties will be notified as far in advance as possible.
  • Technical service, complex set-ups, and food services may involve direct charges to the organization/individual placing the reservation.
  • Persons using space are responsible for leaving the room in a neat and orderly state. Persons who leave a disorderly room will be liable for a service charge for resetting the room in addition to any normal charges that would be applicable. Continual misuse of facilities may result in a restriction of reservation privileges.
  • Nothing may be sold and no funds may be solicited at unreserved locations.
  • Provisions must be made for the safety of persons attending an event on Fisher property. It is the organization/individual’s responsibility to make sure that safety regulations required by Fisher are met. Fisher reserves the right to approve all physical arrangements for safety.
  • All activities must be aligned with the Fisher's fire and life safety considerations for event planning [pdf].
  • Use of Fisher facilities does not imply an endorsement of an organization, its events, or its objects by the university.
  • All activities must be in complete accordance with all federal, state, and local statutes and must be in accordance with all Fisher regulations as described in the University Handbook.

*Non-collegiate groups may be required to provide evidence of adequate insurance coverage.