Fisher Website Content Contributor Training

The following training resources will help you learn more about managing content on Fisher's website.

Fisher's website serves as a content-rich resource for multiple audiences including students, faculty, staff, and the broader community. The site is also an important tool to communicate the Fisher brand message and help the University achieve its marketing goals. 

  • Content Contributors

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    Content contributors are responsible for the words, pictures, videos, and other content throughout the website. Our Content Contributor Guide on mySJF (login required) will give you all the information you need to create and maintain great content.

    Content Contributor Guide
  • Quality Assurance & Siteimprove

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    After creating great content, we must take steps to maintain our content and ensure the overall quality of the website. Regular review of your pages helps to keep the information accurate and relevant. We use Siteimprove to help automate this task, offering broken link reports and other checks to analyze your sections of the website.

    Siteimprove Training
  • Web Accessibility

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    If you have any role in maintaining content on the web, welcome to our accessibility team. Learn how to be an accessibility advocate with your content.

    Web Accessibility Training
  • Interactive Map

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    Our interactive campus map is used by visitors, students, staff, security, and emergency services to navigate our (seemingly) ever-changing campus. Concept 3D is the platform for our interactive map. Learn more about how to create a share link from the map.

    Concept 3D Help