Mental Health Counseling Faculty

Fisher faculty are dedicated, highly credentialed professionals who consistently make the advancement of scholarship in their respective fields a top priority.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Mental Health Counseling
Areas of Interest: Mental Health screening, prevention and intervention, chemical dependency screening, prevention and intervention, and vocational rehabilitation.
Phone:(585) 385-5239
Gail Begley
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office:WEGNUR 305
Phone:(585) 899-3701
Associate Professor, Core CACREP Faculty
Areas of Interest: Sexual offender treatment, domestic violence perpetrator treatment, mental health wellness and prevention, experiential group counseling, and the use of metaphor in supervision
Phone:(585) 899-3858
Rachel Jordan
Visiting Instructor
Office:WEGNUR 107
Phone:(585) 385-8280
Cyrus Marcy
Assistant Professor, Core CACREP Faculty
Areas of Interest: Addiction counseling, harm reduction, clinical supervision.
Office:WEGNUR 327
Phone:(585) 385-7222
Scott McGuinness
Associate Professor and Chair, Mental Health Counseling; Core CACREP Faculty
Phone:(585) 385-7318
Robert Rice
Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Shannon